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Last updated: 30/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.1
MOD Info:APK Original
Publisher:MuseX Games
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Love Season: Farmers Dreams APK is a farming simulation game that also lets you date beautiful girls on your farm. This is a new combination that has never been seen in any other game.

Introducing Love Season: Farmers Dreams

This game is developed by the MuseX Games team and published on the Patreon platform. And of course, it’s not inherently a mobile game. So we’ve created Love Season Farmers Dreams APK version for you. This version is completely free to download. And you can easily install it on your Android phone, or an Android emulator to experience it!


The story is about a farmer in a remote countryside. He has a small farm for a living, and it is also his favorite job. But one day, a big storm devastated the whole village where he lived. And of course, his farm is not as intact as before. Being a shy person, the main character finds it even harder to find help to rebuild his farm.

But when beautiful girls appear, his life changes. Together, they rebuild the farm and develop a relationship like a family. Join the game, you will play the role of that guy to experience a new life.

Build and grow your farm

Your task in this game is to build and develop your farm. After the storm came, everything was ruined. So you have to clean and build from scratch. The gameplay of Love Season: Farmers Dreams is quite similar to other farm games. You have many jobs to do such as farming, raising livestock to earn money. Accompanying you are extremely beautiful girls. They are ready to help you with anything.

Discover the stories of the characters

The characters will appear one after another as you play the game. Accordingly, each of those girls has their own stories. Through their conversations, you can discover their stories. From there, you can understand the personality of each character. If you’re interested in someone, find ways to flirt and develop a relationship with that person.

Develop a relationship with the character

As mentioned above, if you like someone, you have a chance to flirt and date that person. The special thing here is that you can date all of them, not just one. Don’t worry, this is just a game, so do whatever you want. To be able to date, you have to talk and listen to their stories. At the same time, you also need to care and care for them to show your affection. The good ending is that you can date the person you like.

Realistic 3D graphics

Love Season: Farmers Dreams is developed with high quality 3D graphics. It delivers sharp images, extremely detailed designs. The most prominent part is the character creation. The girls in the game are created to be enchantingly beautiful. They not only have attractive faces, but also extremely hot and sexy bodies. Anyone must like their beauty.

APK version of Love Season Farmers Dreams


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Download Love Season: Farmers Dreams APK latest version for Android

Overall, Love Season: Farmers Dreams gives you a new experience. Although the Booty Farm game that we introduced earlier, also combines the gameplay of farm development and dating, but there is no quality graphics like this game. So, download Love Season: Farmers Dreams APK now to start enjoying it!

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