Sunrise Village v1.107.48 Mod APK (Free Gifts)

Last updated: 27/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.107.48
MOD Info:Free Gifts
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:InnoGames GmbH
Package:Google Play Link

It’s time for you to discover a new village with many interesting things never seen before! Download Sunrise Village MOD APK, you can build your own village. Discover unique storylines and your new friendly neighbors.

About Sunrise Village

Sunrise Village is a farm simulation game for Android. You will discover a unique storyline and many other addictive features as you experience it. With a classic style, this game will take you to age-old settings around the world. Turn a wild land into a beautiful, prosperous village under your control. With that, you can explore a mysterious world full of endless adventures!


You are transferred to a rather backward, simple countryside to work in your grandfather’s farm. There is quite a lot of vacant land here, but you will find quite a few farms or houses. Since childhood, you have dreamed of developing a land with many different farms of your own. Now, your chance has come and that dream can completely come true. A village surrounded by nature, it is extremely suitable for you to live your whole life. Let’s start the journey by growing your grandfather’s farm and gradually do the things you like!

Meet the villagers

Coming to a new land, you will feel strange and difficult to access to work. Don’t worry, Sunrise Village will bring you many friendly and enthusiastic neighbors. They also work with the farm and are ready to assist you with any work. They will teach you how to take care of plants, how to breed, how to harvest… Besides, each character also has an interesting story hidden deep inside. You can make friends and gradually discover their stories. If you help them with some chores, the friendly points will increase. Thanks to that, you always get help from lovely neighbors!

Farm development

A lot of work is waiting for you in this huge farm! In the beginning, you can grow simple plants and high demand. Wheat, tomato, cabbage or pumpkin are easy to care for and short term plants. The time to harvest is extremely short, but in return the value of the product will not be high. Then you can think about expanding more plots to plant many types at the same time. You need to pay to buy a new plot of land and start growing crops on it. You will learn how to care for plants, water and fertilize. Finally, harvesting is extremely simple as you just need to move the crescent back and forth.

In addition to farming, you can raise chickens, pigs and cows on your farm. Each type of livestock brings important products to your inventory. Chickens for fighting, cows for milk, and pigs that can be used for meat, are all important ingredients. You will make many new dishes, sign contracts with many great merchants and bring in unlimited economic resources. You can also keep many other animals, especially pets.

Expand and manage the village

Like Dungeon Village 2, you come here to develop this land more modern. Explore the unspoiled and barren lands to build an interesting and beautiful tourist and entertainment destination. You can open more markets, crafting facilities and many great food courts. Thanks to your efforts, the farmers here will have a happier and fuller life than before. Build bridges to connect many places together, you will create a united community among many villages. Constantly growing, expanding and building more facilities, you will gain their trust.

Discover new places

The village you live in is just one of many other places that can be explored. First, you just need to focus on developing your farm well. Once everything is in place, you can start exploring other locations outside the village. From your starting point, you can venture to Mount Tshuka, Tungrem Forest, Quiet Wind Hills and finally, the Forgotten Sea. Each location has an unsolved mystery, most likely you are the first to come here. The following locations will be unlocked as you complete the current adventure.

MOD APK version of Sunrise Village

MOD features

  • Free Gifts: you will get free stuff without watching ads

Download Sunrise Village MOD APK latest Android

To sum up, Sunrise Village MOD APK brings interesting features about the farm that you can play. Beautiful three-dimensional graphics combined with many wonderful landscapes create a quality and attractive game. You can play Sunrise Village all day without taking your eyes off. Start the adventure now and delve into the mysteries of your journey!

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