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Last updated: 01/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.0
MOD Info:APK Original
Publisher:Ero Condo
Package:Google Play Link

Lesson From Neighbor APK is a simulation role-playing game. It is developed according to the novel exploration gameplay, allowing you to enjoy extremely captivating stories about many different contents.

Introducing Lesson From Neighbor

Lesson From Neighbor is developed by Sinccubus, and published on the Patreon platform. As you know, it’s a pretty expensive paid gaming platform. And this game has no official mobile version. So we bring you a completely free version of Lesson From Neighbor. You just need to download, install and experience it easily!


This game is built with extremely attractive content and attracts players. The content in the game has many different themes such as love, hatred and everyday life moments… The story in the game is about the family of Akira Family, consisting of two beautiful women. They welcome new neighbors to live with them. Originally a foreign guy with a tall and scary body. But he has a rather serious and polite personality, unlike his appearance. And the complicated life between the guy and the girls in the family began from there.

Exploratory role-playing gameplay

The gameplay of Lesson From Neighbor is quite simple, essentially exploring the plot. This game is like a novel, you will explore it with dialogue, narration and illustrations. Through each small story, you will better understand the main plot.

But the special thing about this game is that you can play it your way. Even though the plot is pre-built, you can still change the outcome. Since the game presents situations that need to be resolved, you can solve them by making any choice. In each of those situations, you can choose one of the many available options that the game offers. Each time you choose, the story that follows will change according to your choice.

Illustrating images

The most impressive feature of the game is the illustrations. Although the graphics quality is only 2D, you won’t be disappointed with it. Since this is a visual novel game, we only need beautiful illustrations. Therefore, the illustrations in the game are designed extremely sharp. You will see the realism and vividness through each image that appears during the game. Especially the character creation part, will definitely make you mesmerized.

APK version of Lesson From Neighbor


Ported: This is the version ported to Android. So it may not be compatible with some devices.

Download Lesson From Neighbor APK latest version for Android

Overall, Lesson From Neighbor is a game with extremely attractive content. And the illustration is also a remarkable point, which can attract many players. And you can download it to enjoy right now via the link below.

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