Luna Re : Dimensional Watcher v1.55.0 Mod APK (Menu MOD)

Last updated: 14/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.55.0
MOD Info:Menu MOD
Requires:Android 5.1+
Publisher:Dave Studio
Package:Google Play Link

The game introduced today is a product of publisher Dave Studio, a not-so-famous game company. That’s Luna Re: Dimensional Watcher, an extremely attractive action adventure game.

Introducing Luna Re: Dimensional Watcher game

Luna Re: Dimensional Watcher was introduced as a simulation game, but its gameplay is a mix of action and adventure games. You will explore a large open world, discover mysterious stories and journey to protect the world from destruction before a dark force.

Story of the game

The setting of the game takes place in a fantasy world, called the continent of Stonia. And the story takes place after the Dimensional Rift, where a chaotic war between humans and monsters takes place. This war broke out because of the crazy plan of Peter, a madman with evil ambitions. He wants to put the whole world in darkness. And of course, the people of the Sonia continent didn’t let that happen.

You are the one chosen to save this place, as well as the whole world, from destruction. What you need to do is summon heroes into a team to fight against monsters. Take your army around, destroy all monsters to quell Peter’s plot!

Adventure gameplay, action

The gameplay of Luna Re: Dimensional Watcher is a combination of adventure and action. Your task in the game is to build a strong army and fight all the enemies, defeat them. All members of the team have a mission to fight with all their might to protect the world, as well as the continent of Stonia, from the danger of being plunged into darkness.

Your enemies are everywhere, and they become more and more powerful if you don’t kill them quickly. So your army needs to have the strongest, bravest heroes! Let’s coordinate the team members together to confront the powerful BOSS. This game also requires calculation and thinking in combat like a strategy game.

In the continent of Stonia, you are free to adventure and explore. You can go anywhere to complete the quest to defeat the monsters. The map in the game is extremely large, for you to explore freely. There are monsters everywhere, so wherever you go, you have to fight there.

Character system and upgrades

Luna Re: Dimensional Watcher offers a fairly diverse character system. You can choose the strongest characters to join your party. Each character has different fighting abilities as well as different advantages and disadvantages.

As mentioned above, your enemies will become stronger and stronger, which means you will have more difficulty in the challenges behind. So what do you need to do to defeat them? It can only be to upgrade your army through collecting new characters and upgrading stats. Each character has its own stats, which need to be upgraded regularly to increase combat ability.

Graphics and sound

Game Luna Re: Dimensional Watcher is only developed with 2D graphics in classic style. The image quality of the game is also not impressive. The only highlight is the eye-catching visual design in Chibi style. The character system in the game is shaped like a Chibi quite simple and funny. Even the color system in the game is classic and unimpressive.

As for the sound, Luna Re: Dimensional Watcher is not too outstanding. You can see the sound effects while the character fights. And in addition, the background music is not too diverse. Hopefully the developer will add new background music so that players don’t get bored when playing the game for a long time.

MOD APK version of Luna Re : Dimensional Watcher

MOD features

  • Menu MOD;
  • Damage Multiplier;
  • Defense Multiplier;
  • Unlimited Skill Usage.

With the MOD features, your character will become stronger than the enemy. Therefore, you can easily win against all opponents, including opponents stronger than your character.

Download Luna Re : Dimensional Watcher MOD APK latest for Android

To sum up, Luna Re: Dimensional Watcher is a game that possesses an attractive storyline and gameplay. However, the image quality and graphics of the game are not appreciated. Perhaps that is the developer’s intention, to bring a classic style game. But with such adventure gameplay, owning a 3D graphics background will be much better. Anyway, this is a game worth playing that you should try. Link to download game Luna Re: Dimensional Watcher MOD APK is ready below, you can download it now.

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