Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter v0.36 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 14/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.36
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter MOD APK is an extremely unique idle style strategy action game. It gives you a new experience that you have never seen in any other game.

Introduce about Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter

Normally, we often know idle games with business style. But coming to Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter, you experience a whole new type of idle gameplay. It’s a diverse gameplay that combines simulation, action and strategy.

This game is published by GDCompany. They are a very famous game company, known by players all over the world. The number of games they release is quite large, and they all receive tens of millions of downloads. The game takes you to the biggest naval battle in the world. There, you must show your brilliant leadership to defeat the enemy.

Become a captain in a naval battle

Entering the world’s largest naval battle, you become a revered captain. You are in possession of the most powerful warships, the most modern weapons. What you need to do is defeat all enemies, through fierce battles at sea. These wars are not as simple as you usually play in ground fighting games. The gameplay and strategy of naval games are completely different from other war games. That’s why you need to develop your talented leadership in this game.

Battleship system

Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter offers a not too diverse combat ship system. But each type is designed with different appearance and different fighting ability. The special feature is that they are designed in extremely detailed, no different from real-life warships. Just seeing the image of these ships, you wanted to download the game to play immediately. You also have to upgrade your stats, install more weapons and equip your warships. Make them invincible fighting machines!

Weapon system

Regarding warships, the game does not have as many types as ground combat vehicles. But in return, the weapon system that comes with them is extremely diverse. You can choose and equip a lot of different weapons for your battleship. For example lasers, cannons, torpedoes, missiles, … and many others. Each of these weapons has its own effect in each situation of the match. Some are suitable for long-range combat, some are suitable for close combat,…

In addition to the above weapons, you can also use drones. This modern aircraft helps you a lot in the battle.

Loot and crafting

In matches, you can also loot enemy items after you defeat them. It can be valuable items, weapons or resources. From the resources obtained, you continue to create new types of robot guns, rockets, lasers… From those crafting items, you retrofit your warship, to turn it into a fighting machine. state-of-the-art.

Strategy decides victory

You will conquer the game through each different location. To each place are islands, you must defeat all opponents to occupy those locations. But to win, you must strategize smartly. However, the strategy in the game is just your leadership, choices and decisions. You do not have to directly control warships or weapons, you just need to come up with a reasonable way to fight. Only when you conquer all the islands, defeat all the enemies, can you become the best captain of the sea.

Stunning 3D graphics

Not only possessing attractive gameplay, the graphics of Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter are also highly appreciated. It is developed with extremely vivid 3D graphics. A vast ocean is shown, along with islands, warships with detailed and sharp shapes. All images, environments, and movements in the game are perfected very well. You will feel the authenticity through each wave, through each gunshot and bullet in this intense battle.

MOD APK version of Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter

MOD features

Unlimited Money: When you spend, the amount you have will increase with each use, not decrease. So you just need to earn a little money, and use it continuously to get a huge amount.

Download Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter MOD APK latest version for Android

New gameplay, realistic graphics are two important factors for the success of this game. Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter is really an attractive game that you should not miss. The classic naval battles will not let you down. Please download Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter MOD APK now to experience it!

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