Ninja Ryuko v1.2.1 Mod APK (God Mode)

Last updated: 07/12/2022 (10 months ago)

Latest Version:1.2.1
MOD Info:God Mode
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Horizon Games
Package:Google Play Link

Ninja Ryuko MOD APK will tell you about a warrior’s revenge journey. This 3D action game is currently very popular in the international game market. With a 3rd person perspective, you will experience countless dramatic and fascinating battles that can’t take your eyes off. Ryuko’s revenge journey officially begins!

Introduce game Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game

If Nekki is proud of Shadow Fight 2 and Shadow Fight 3 then Horizon Games is no less competitive with the super game Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game. The same genre of fighting action, but this game has more adventure elements. You will help Ryuko overcome all challenges for revenge. You can enjoy thousands of beautiful battle scenes through detailed realistic 3D graphics. Along with an extremely engaging storyline, we believe that you will not want to miss any of the details in the game!

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Captivating plot, many interesting details


In primitive times, there was an unexplored region called Kurome. This land is home to clans of shadow ninja warriors. It has very beautiful landscapes with rolling fields. From quiet temples to ancient forests, villages and majestic mountain landscapes. But one day, the people of Kurome were cursed by a dark fairy spell. Their eyes turned terrifying black, they turned into demons. Anyone who looked into those eyes would also be cursed.

A shadow warrior who had accomplished feats in the past stood up and hunted those people. These evil warriors call themselves the cult of the hunter. Since they belonged to the cast of shadow ninja warriors, it was almost impossible to defeat them. The darkness of these shadow warriors is spreading to more regions with the end time of innocent lives. Will they be able to break this deadly curse?

Main character

In the game, you will control the main character to overcome all challenges. It’s Ryuko – a brave warrior rescued from the brink of death. She was determined to protect the land of great breadth and beauty that belonged to her ancient blood. This shadow hunter travels to Kurome’s evil land to rescue her grandfather and end the curse. Trained in the ways of a shadow hunter, Ryuko must find a way to defeat her enemies on the evil land. As Ryuko’s story unfolds, your abilities will determine her success.

Dramatic action gameplay


You will join Ryuko on his journey with a little clue about the demons. The cursed villagers will give you important information about them. The most important goal is to save your grandfather and break the curse. So you need to find out who is behind all this. They live in a dark world where death is frequent. This adventure is full of challenges, and you have to overcome them all.

Fighting against

This game will bring you dramatic fighting battles. The game progress will help you learn more dark lore tactics. Those are the effective ways of fighting that ancient warriors used to defeat evil. Develop and create new strategies from the original to surprise opponents. The characteristic of fighting is that you need to be tactical, stealthy, disorienting the enemy and surprise attack. Do these factors well, you can beat any opponent.

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Smooth action, furious fighting


Ninja can use many different weapons to diversify their skills. In the game Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter, you can collect a variety of weapons such as swords, darts… In the battle, you can flexibly change weapons at any time. This will surprise the enemy and you will easily counterattack. You will receive a new weapon when you complete the chapter about that weapon.


As a shadow warrior, Ryuko certainly possessed special skills. During the battle you need to attack the enemy to store energy. When the energy bar is full, you can unleash Ryuko’s special skill. Normally, you can only store 2 times mana in a match. But if you attack well and defend well, you can store 3 times mana, which is equivalent to 3 skill releases. At that time, it is very difficult for you to fail.

Ryuko will become more perfect when you can blend skills and tactics together. To find the perfect mix, you need to go through many matches. From there, draw the appropriate experience and playing style.

Smooth controls

Smooth operation will help you execute tactics more accurately. Therefore, the publisher pays great attention to the control interface. The keys for movement, attack, defense and skill are designed and placed in favorable positions. You can easily get used to those arrangements in just a few practice matches. What’s more, the combos are also very smooth with this controller. Now the importance is only on your skills and reflexes. In terms of gameplay, the publisher has handled it too well.

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Beautiful visuals with high quality 3D graphics


It is impossible to ignore Ryuko’s excellent 3D graphics – Ninja Ryuko. The first time we watched the game’s introductory video, we were extremely impressed. Sharp, realistic images and many unique visual effects. After experiencing, we are extremely satisfied because the graphics are even better. From the background, characters, movements, effects… are all perfect. Exciting game sounds, realistic voiceovers give players more inspiration. They will feel like they are going through the battles in the game themselves.

Minimum requirements:

For optimal performance, the following hardware requirements are recommended:
CPU: 2.0GHz, GPU: 1024MB, Ram: 3GB. The game has high quality 3D graphics, so it will consume a lot of memory. Therefore, make sure your device memory is spacious, it will also help the game run smoother.

MOD APK version of Ninja Ryuko

MOD features

  • God Mode

Download Ninja Ryuko MOD APK for Android

Ninja Ryuko is a super action game in 2021. From its graphics to its gameplay, it is extremely excellent. Join the game, you will write the history of the shadow Ninja warrior once again. Ryuko’s journey to save grandfather cannot be complete without your intelligence and flexible manipulation. If you are looking for the best sword fighting offline game, this is what you need. Download the APK file below so you can start experiencing this amazing game!

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