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Last updated: 20/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.9
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Badlanders APK is an extremely attractive shooting action game. It is published by NetEase, one of the most famous game studios today.

Introducing action game Badlanders

If you are a fan of the shooting game, do not skip this article. We will introduce to you Badlanders, action game shooting extremely attractive and popular today. With intense battles and weapon systems, Badlanders will bring you many different levels of emotions. Join us to find out more about this game in the next section!


Coming to Badlanders, you will visit the ancient Red Beach Sanctualy civilization. It used to possess the most advanced weapon technology in the world. But natural disasters and war broke out, leaving the place in ruins. Only a sea of blood remains here and those who are taking advantage of the opportunity to pick up precious items. Get ready to fight to escape the hot zone of wealth and full of danger ..

Style play

Fight for survival

You will have to fight with 25 others to become the last survivor. The door will open and you are the only winner. You need to fight and take down each opponent, pick up their equipment and keep fighting. You can also collect equipment and weapons that fall around the map. Hide so that the enemy cannot see you, wait for your chance and defeat them.


The equipment system in Badlanders is really diverse and rich. There are many weapons to choose from: Rifles, AKs, snipers or even guns with hundreds of bullets. There are also melee weapons such as knives, shovels … and many types of explosives, smoke bombs … The protective equipment such as hats, armor are also very important, helping you to help many shots. of the enemy. These items you can collect around the map or steal from your enemies.

Shop system, upgrade

Using bonuses after each battle, you should buy yourself powerful starting equipment. The store sells all the necessary equipment, from weapons to protective equipment. You can also profit from the sale of loot from the battlefield. Even microtransaction items can be resold for marked prices.

Graphics, sound

This is also the strength of the action titles, survival shooting. Badlanders is designed with realistic 3D graphics, combining eye-catching combat effects to create great attraction to players. Along with that is the sound effects of weapons and grenades that will create the most realistic and vivid battlefield.

Download Badlanders APK

Experience Badlanders now with us to immerse yourself in exciting battles. Note that you need to download both the APK and the obb file to play it. You just need to click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation.

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