Shadow Fight Arena v1.8.20 Mod APK (Dumb Enemies)

Last updated: 16/07/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.8.20
MOD Info:Dumb Enemies
Package:Google Play Link

At the end of 2019, NEKKI has released an attractive online fighting game. This game is called Shadow Fight Arena and has a huge number of players. All players will battle against each other in PvP format to find the final winner. Show off your fighting skills and defeat every player in the world!

Introducing Shadow Fight Arena game

Attractive PvP mode

Before entering the game, you need to find yourself a squad of 3 or more people. At that time, each person will participate in a PvP battle directly against the opponent. If you are defeated then your teammates will go up to play until the team of one of the two teams is defeated. The player who wins the match will have to welcome the next opponent with no new health. Therefore, you need to defeat your opponent and keep the most health to win more.

Diverse character

Diverse character system helps players to have more new experiences. You can explore and explore the skill sets of 13 different generals. You need to win a lot to be able to unlock champions. In addition, you can collect cards to earn rare generals in the game. Own a mythical general to have the power to overwhelm your opponent.


The context of the battle place also inspires players. Therefore Shadow Fight Arena has designed 10 different arenas. These arenas will not have elements such as topography or feng shui. Although it does not affect the battle, but also helps players get better inspiration.

Skills and equipment

The generals all have separate and mutually exclusive skills. Therefore, the game will be more balanced when there is no champion that is the strongest. You can experience all the heroes, then find a play that suits you. Then, you will know which champion will stick with your journey. Fighting will help generals level up and you can add skill points. The active skills help you cast and deal strong damage to opponents. Active skills will directly work on your strength, so you should divide your skill points equally.

Shadow Fight Arena has more than 100 weapons with 4 main groups: Legion, Dynasty, Heralds and Special Weapons. Weapons are the main damage equipment, choose the weapons that match your general. Equipment defense is also an important factor to help you withstand great damage from opponents. They will help you increase your physical defense, increase your magic defense, reduce critical damage … You can’t upgrade weapons but you can do it with defensive equipment.

Graphics, sound

Shadow Fight Arena is a version with top notch graphics. The game is designed with 3D graphics with beautiful visual effects. The skill moves and beautiful context will make you feel more excited. The battle sound also makes you feel like fighting in real life.

MOD APK version of Shadow Fight Arena

MOD feature

To be able to play the game easily and achieve a higher win rate, you can try our MOD version.

  • Immobilizes the enemy

Note that using MOD may be account banned, please consider before using. After entering the game you just need to click the circle button on the left to open the MOD Menu. Please visit RedMod regularly to update the latest versions to own more MOD features.

Download Shadow Fight Arena MOD APK for Android

Shadow Fight Arena is currently as attractive as the famous fighting games before. With many different upgrades and features, along with stunning graphics, Shadow Fight Arena will not disappoint you. You just need to click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation.

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