Rivengard v1.32.7 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 08/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.32.7
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Publisher:Snowprint Studios
Package:Google Play Link

Referring to the strategy game, you can not ignore the game Rivengard. This game has bright graphics, high strategy and diverse content. I experimented with it and found it extremely interesting. So, I decided to recommend to you this game and its MOD version. With the MOD version, you can experience the game more easily.

Introduce about Rivengard

Released by Snowprint Studios, Rivengard is currently the most popular strategy game. Test your strategy mastery in this turn-based game. Graphics, characters in the game are beautifully designed and bright. Please join and experience this great game!


Rivengard has a turn-based gameplay and a collection of cards. Through the levels you will have the opportunity to get the most powerful cards. You choose the strongest squad before each game screen. Move and attack the opponent by swiping the screen to the indicated direction. This gives you flexibility in choosing the target to attack. Win each level to receive money and items. You can use money to upgrade your character’s stats. The levels will be increasingly difficult, please upgrade your maximum power to overcome easier.


Rivengard has an extremely diverse character system. Occasionally, you will meet a mysterious character in a certain level. Fighting and defeating them will help you summon that character back to your team. And that’s the only way to unlock characters in Rivengard. The characters all have their own skill and can only be used once in each level.

You can upgrade the strength of your character. Use the money you earn to upgrade your stats such as blood, damage, defense … Fighting will also increase the level of the character, along with the number of stars will also increase. The stat upgrades will cost a lot of money, so use them wisely.

Characters will increase their power significantly if their star count is increased. Strong characters will have 3 to 4 original yellow stars. The number of stars can increase to 5 and reach the awakening stage. After awakening, the number of stars will turn one and turn purple. And the maximum power level of a protagonist is to achieve 5 purple stars. Meanwhile, your character can sweep the enemy in a snap. However, achieving this is extremely difficult.


Tactics is a factor in this Rivengard game. In a match there will be a lot of factors that affect your tactics. These include the enemy’s position, their movements and the terrain. Speaking of terrain, you need to know that in the game screen there will be higher-than-normal floating ground. If you stand on that tile, you will deal more damage. In addition, there are earth cells containing items that increase 50% damage randomly. Killing each enemy unit will also leave a similar item. And many other factors, your strategy needs to be flexible as the match progresses.


The performance of each stage will determine the value of your reward. The Rivengard game will rate achievements by the number of stars. After the end of a match, if all your champions are alive, you will gain 3 stars. If a champion dies, you will only get 2 stars and 1 star for losing more than 1 champion.

Energy point

Energy points are factors for you to pass the levels. The maximum number of points you can store is 80 and increases with your level. Each time you pass, you will lose 3 energy points. If you use it up, you will not be able to keep going. This point will be returned from time to time or purchased directly from the store. However, this will cost you a lot of diamonds, the most valuable thing in the game.


Rivengard is designed with bright and vivid graphics. Although it does not have terrible graphics and top-notch effects, it is also fine for a strategy game. I’m just a little regret that the angle is from above, so I can’t see the character clearly in the match. But anyway, I’m very satisfied with Rivengard’s graphics and I believe you guys are too.

MOD APK version of Rivengard

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money : Increase when you spent

Download Rivengard MOD APK for Android

Rivengard is really attractive in terms of both gameplay and content. Coming to this game, you will be shown your top mindset and ability to adapt to the match. Thousands of people are satisfied, are you next? Please join Rivengard now by clicking on the link below.

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