Tank Warfare v1.1.10 Mod APK (Hack Map)

Last updated: 30/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.1.10
MOD Info:Hack Map
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Click.18 Mobile
Package:Google Play Link

Tank Warfare – tank battle strategy game is being loved by many players. The game will take you to the cruel and extremely dramatic world war.

Introducing Tank Warfare: PvP Blitz Game

Have you ever wanted to drive powerful tanks and fight to protect your country? Usually, you only know about tank wars through the history of your country or another country. But coming to Tank Warfare, you can directly command an elite tank army and fight the enemy.

Tank Warfare is a new game released by Click.18 Mobile. Accordingly, it is developed with diverse strategic gameplay, many modes for you to choose from. You will be going to every location with many different terrains to fight, defeat the enemy tank army.

War for the Fatherland

World war once again broke out between the world powers and countries. But this war is no longer a war with conventional weapons such as guns, knives, swords like in the past. Instead, it was a military war with tough and powerful tanks. Every country can develop powerful tanks, and the victory will go to the country that has a good leader, good army commander.

You are the one chosen to lead the army, fight for your country. Let’s fight to protect the country, bring glory and honor. Lead your army, defeat the enemy to become the master of tank war.

Join the dramatic tank battles

Coming to the game, you can choose to play any of the game’s diverse modes. Can play single, team play with many other small battle modes. For practice matches, play offline. This mode allows you to complete missions and receive rewards afterwards. You will accumulate experience after the matches against the machine.

If you want to step into dramatic battles, join the online game mode. Here, you will be competing with other players around the world. Each player has their own style of play and their own strategy. Can you beat them and top the leaderboard? Enter the game and show it by invincible battles.

Tank system and equipment

As a tank fighting game, of course Tank Warfare’s tank system is very diverse. You can choose and collect for yourself the most beautiful tanks, and possess the most powerful destructive power. Each type of tank has its own design in shape, and of course the fighting ability is also different. To maximize combat ability, your tank needs to be equipped with the best accessories. You can completely reverse the outcome of the battle if you know how to change tank accessories appropriately.

Each tank has its own advantages and disadvantages in combat. For tanks with small and light appearance, the movement speed will be fast. However, this type does not have good attack power. In contrast, large tanks, which look bulky and heavy, move very slowly but have high attack power. They can destroy enemy formations with a single shot.

Diverse combat environments

The extremely impressive point about Tank Warfare is the combat environment and terrain. With each fight, you will be taken to a different location. There would be nothing special if these locations were not beautifully designed like adventure and role-playing games. As you can see in the image in the game, you can go to villages, large roads, snow-covered forests, ice and snow construction sites, industrial parks, … to participate in combat. Just the beautiful scenery there is enough to make you want to play the game.

In each different location and environment, you need to have a different strategy for the battle. Topographical factors and obstacles can be applied to develop a strategy. That depends on your intelligence.

Realistic 3D graphics experience

Tank Warfare wants to recreate the world war as realistically as possible. Therefore, it is created by the state-of-the-art 3D graphics. As a result, the image quality and movement in the game are excellent. It gives you the feeling of directly controlling the tank and entering the battle!

In addition, the visual design is quite impressive. The tank system is shaped in detail and has a variety of models. They all have a strong, tough look, true to what you usually know about armored tanks. In addition, the landscape in the game is also very prominent as we introduced above.

MOD APK version of Tank Warfare

MOD features

Hack Map: Your enemies are always visible on Radar.

Download Tank Warfare MOD APK latest for Android

Overall, Tank Warfare is an excellent strategy game in terms of both gameplay and graphics. It is rated by players as one of the most worth playing strategy games at the moment. How about you? Are you ready to command your tank army into uncompromising war in Tank Warfare? Download this game now to show your leadership and military command!

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