Innocent Witches v0.8.2 Mod APK (Ported)

Last updated: 28/12/2021 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.8.2
MOD Info:Ported
Requires:Android 4.1+
Publisher:Sad Crab
Package:Google Play Link

Surely you are no stranger to the famous name Harry Potter in the entertainment world. This is a hugely popular series of fantasy novels as well as movies. And today’s game that REDMOD brings to you is inspired by this series of novels. The game is called Innocent Witches.

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Introduce about Innocent Witches

Game Innocent Witches is developed by Sad Crab, a game developer is not very famous. It is developed with extremely exciting adventure and exploration gameplay. In addition, there is a series of unique content written based on Harry Potter.

Fascinating plot

The setting of Innocent Witches is taken from Harry Potter, bringing you to the magical fantasy world. Here, you see magic and many strange things that you have certainly never seen. The content in the game tells about the main character is a lonely guy. He is a quiet person with a burning desire for love. But his fate is extremely tragic when his personality and ability make him always fail.

But his life begins to change when he meets beautiful girls. He started dating a girlfriend while attending a magic school. By some miracle, the main character attracts the attention of many girls. Since then, he has experienced many beautiful stories and love stories. His fate is completely changed. And your adventure is to play the role of the main character, enter into interesting love affairs.

Discovery gameplay

Most of the content in the game is like a novel, and the player explores it in a unique way. You will adventure in the love story of the main character, and you will be the one to write your own stories. Of course, that story is only completed based on the pre-existing plot. You are the one who makes the decisions and choices that lead to the end of the story. Each choice or decision leads to a different ending. The basic gameplay is just that, the important thing is how you discover and create your own love story.

Handmade graphics

Innocent Witches game is developed with 2D quality graphics that are not too sharp. But the impressive point here is the hand-crafted visual design that has attracted the attention of many players. All images in the game are created by very elaborate hand-drawn strokes. The image in the game brings familiarity to those who have seen the Harry Potter movies. You will meet many familiar characters of Harry Potter in this game.

APK version of Innocent Witches

Innocent Witches is inherently a game for PC, released on the Patreon platform. But a lot of players require a mobile APK version. Therefore, we have created an adaptation of Innocent Witches for you to easily experience. With this APK version, you just need to download the game and install it to experience it, no need to pay a dime. You need to note, please grant permission to install apps from Unknown Sources to install the game.

Download Innocent Witches APK free for Android

Through this, we can see that Innocent Witches is a really attractive game. It has both an attractive storyline, interesting gameplay, and very eye-catching images. It’s a pity that the game’s graphics quality is only 2D. If the game is equipped with 3D graphics, you will get a much better experience. For now, you can download Innocent Witches APK now to enjoy it!

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