Infinite Design v3.5.6 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 14/09/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:3.5.6
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Publisher:Infinite Studio Mobile
Package:Google Play Link

In design and art applications, Infinite Design is our first choice. This is an application full of powerful and professional tools in the design field. To experience all the features, you need to subscribe to the Infinite Design Premium plan.

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Introduce about Infinite Design

Are you a painting lover? Are you passionate about fashion design? But you can not afford to buy yourself the support tools such as colors, brushes … Do not worry, all you need is zoomed in an application that is Infinite Design. This is an art and design app for phones released by Ìniniteinite Mobile. Promising helps you a lot in making your passion.

This application has been released since 2011, has been nearly 10 years now. Right from its inception, it has received the attention of many users. Infinite Design is made for anyone who loves art and design. If you only look at the number of downloads on Google Play, you cannot judge its quality. Its downloads are over 10 million, but the community of Infinite Design lovers is huge.

Various editing tools

You can create many great works by yourself with Infinite Design. With advanced functions, you can easily turn basic shapes into intricate details. Easily build shapes with the pen tool, experiment with four types of symmetry. Unlimited number of overlapping drawing layers, no undo limit. In particular, the application also guides Cityscapes 3D drawing with 5 different angles.

With Infinite Design, you can easily align and distribute details. Can zoom or rotate, giving you as many views as when drawing on a paper frame. You can change the transparency of the work, change colors easily in the places that you mistakenly or not like. The application also supports coloring by textures, blocks or pieces. Changing the brightness and color of colors will make your 3D picture come alive. Also with the ColorLovers feature, you can choose for yourself thousands of different colors. Help to diversify your work.

Select and export images

To choose from images for design and editing, you have two options. It is to choose photos available in the device that you take or download from anywhere. The other way is that you take directly the application Camera and create an image.

As for the image export, Infinite Design allows you to export in many different formats. Each image format has its own effects, depending on your needs. This application allows you to export edited photos in 3 formats: JPEG, PNG or SVG. If you want to change the format of a saved image, just open and export it again using Infinite Design.

Convenient interface

Infinite Design is really smart in interface design. The design is simple yet very well organized, with a clever tool arrangement. If there are tools you use frequently, you can drag them to the top of the toolbar. Later if you use them you do not need to find them in hidden items anymore. The palette can also be moved easily by dragging 2 fingers.

Text insertion support

Infinite Design is also very detailed in text insertion. There are many types of insert frames like horizontal, vertical, round or text on curves. Makes it easy to insert text into many details in your work. Especially in the LOGO design, inserting text is extremely important because it affects its symmetry. Help you to create unique LOGO for your brand.

Share your work with everyone

When you finish a work you like, you will want to share it with many people to enjoy. Especially in the era of technological development, the fact that you share on social networking sites will be known by many people. The output image will also be very realistic and sharp, so your work will be perfect when they are widely shared.

New features have been updated

After each new update, Infinite Design will be improved and bring you the best experience. In the latest version, this application has improved editing performance better. Several issues related to saving editing have been fixed. Another interesting feature is that Infinite Design has improved the user interface quite impressively. After the improvement, the application is not any more complicated but also easier to use than the first version.

In addition, it is also adding more languages to serve more users. The latest version added Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish languages. In the future, the developer will add more languages to serve users globally.

Infinite Design Premium

With the Premium plan, you can access all the premium features of this app. While the free version is great, the advanced features will help you get the most out of it. Premium features include:

  • Transform tool: Translate, Scale, Rotate, Flip, Distort, and Skew;
  • Gradient and Pattern Fill;
  • Rotate and flip the fabric;
  • Automatic shape detection;
  • Grid for reference or capture;
  • Vectorize: turn any image into a fully editable vector path.

MOD APK version of Infinite Design

Tính năng MOD

  • Mở Khóa Premium

Compared with the free version, the Premium version will give you a much better experience. Unlock Rotate, Flip, Skew and Distort. Supports automatic shape detection, image rotation and flip. Added Vectorize function that is easy to edit.

Can’t afford the premium version, or have trouble with the payment method? But today you will experience completely free with Infinite Design Premium APK Version. Unlock all the functions of the Premium version, allowing you to create your best works.

Installation Instructions

  • Uninstall the original version if you installed it on Google Play;
  • Turn on “unknown sources” and download our MOD APK version;
  • Click on the downloaded file and proceed with the installation on your phone;
  • The process is complete, you can open the application and experience all the premium features.


Where can I get Infinite Design Premium for free?

You just need to download our MOD APK version and install. This version has been permanently unlocked Premium package, you do not need to register and renew. Completely free, that’s what wants to give you.

I use Infinite Design and find it freezing, why?

It looks like you haven’t updated to the new version of this app. The “stuck” error while using has been corrected and updated by the technician. You can update to the new version on Google Play. If you use our Infinite Design MOD APK version, please update to the latest version at the homepage.

I didn’t subscribe to Infinite Design Premium but got charged, why?

If you accept the 7-day Premium trial, cancel the subscription if not used anymore. Otherwise, the system will automatically renew with a 1-month subscription by default. Maybe that’s why you’re being charged even if you don’t register.

Reviews from users

What do users say about this app? Are they satisfied with what Infinite Design brings after using it? Let’s take a look at the reviews from users on Google Play!

“”Infinite Design is one of the best art apps out there. It fulfills every need in the field of painting. The brush tool is very impressive, it provides fast and realistic brushstrokes with the controls are quite powerful and detailed. This app helps you to maximize your creativity and talent. I am extremely satisfied with all the features inside this app”

“The app is easy to use, the variety of brushes and colors is great for the price. It’s powerful and allows the imagination to get creative at will. The layers work great and I like the palette best. especially it gets to choose a color taste basis based on your current art.”

“”I like the ability to save lots of colors and arrange them in different palettes. You can also rename the palettes, which is an added bonus. There are tons of options for customizing and creating brushes with a bunch of nice default options to choose from. Great!”

“”This application is really great! I have all the drawing tools to create my works. In particular, I love the variety of brushes, it has many sizes to choose from. Now I can easily sketch my ideas and save them. Save on paper and drawing costs, that’s great! Hope the publisher will release more features!””

Download Infinite Design MOD APK for Android

It’s not easy to find a great app like Infinite Design. It is simple but contains all the essentials for a professional designer and painter. It can be said that Infinite Design is not inferior to any professional computer application. Let’s download and experience it with us via the link below!

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