CPU Z v1.43 Mod APK (No Ads)

Last updated: 01/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.43
MOD Info:No Ads
Package:Google Play Link

Always know the CPU status for your device with the CPU Z app. You can avoid annoying ads appearing with our CPU Z MOD APK version.

Introduce about CPU Z

Hardware is the most important place in every smartphone. This factor greatly affects the processing speed, loading speed … of the machine. Therefore, you always need to know the status of your hardware to promptly fix the error. With this in mind, CPUID decided to launch a hardware check application called CPU Z. With this application, you can get all information about hardware and get error messages (if any).

What parameters can CPU Z check?

This is the question that is most important and common to every Z CPU user. This app can tell you:

  • SOC (System On Chip): Name, architecture, clock speed for each core
  • Battery: you will know the level and status of the battery.
  • Sensor
  • Info: this you can also check directly on your pc. It includes the hostname, brand, resolution, RAM …
  • Machine temperature: if you use the phone continuously for many hours or both charge and use the battery, the CPU will heat up and you can feel it when holding it. Please keep the device at a safe temperature to avoid unfortunate incidents.

It can be said, CPU Z can check all the most important information of the hardware. Check it regularly to keep your device stable and safe at all times.

Easy to use

Once downloaded, open the app to connect to your device. First, you need to grant access to the system that can influence and retrieve information. CPU Z will operate quickly and get accurate information. Then, that information will appear on the main screen and be divided into specific sections for you to easily grasp.

Equipment requirements

CPU Z is an application for Android devices, compatible with most machines on the market today. In addition, your device also needs to have Android 2.2 or later (versions 1.03 and +) to be able to use it.

MOD APK version of CPU Z

CPU Z is completely free to use the application at no cost. You can download it directly on Google Play and experience all of its features. However, a small but also very annoying factor is that ads often appear. So you try to use our MOD version. CPU Z MOD APK version, remove all ads appearing in the application. You can experience the most comfortable, not uncomfortable every time an ad appears.

Download CPU Z MOD APK for Android

CPU Z is very useful in all cases and absolutely safe to use. You can use CPU Z to check the authenticity when buying a device or you can check the part also when playing games or using other services. The app has more than 50 million installs and hundreds of thousands of positive reviews on Google Play. So what are you waiting for without testing the CPU Z experience right with us in the link below.

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