Camera Translator v1.7.8 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 13/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.7.8
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Camera Translator MOD APK is a professional translation application with translation features in many forms. Users can translate images, text or voice quickly regardless of language.

Introducing Camera Translator: Photo, Text

The age of AI technology brings many benefits to us. Currently, the difference in language makes many people difficult in life. Because not everyone is gifted in foreign languages or knows many languages at the same time.

Camera Translator application was born to remove that difference barrier. Helping people in many countries communicate with each other easily and simply. Travel anywhere with complete confidence with the help of Camera Translator.

Support translation up to more than 150 languages ​​in the world

The application applies the most advanced OCR technology to conduct translation. Integrated automatic translation of more than 150 languages ​​in the world. Few people think that such a small application contains such a huge language store.

Camera Translator will meet all your needs in any language you want. You won’t have to download a translation app for each language, just install Camera Translator. The application will completely replace other foreign language apps on the phone.

User-friendly interface

The application has a friendly interface that is very easy to use. Besides, the interface is also updated and upgraded regularly by the publisher. Providing a new interface brings a new and exciting experience. Users are free to choose the type of interface they prefer. The color palette is meticulously and artistically designed, promising to impress users.

Shooting is translating

This is an outstanding feature and is highly appreciated by users. Camera Translator allows users to take a snapshot of the text to be translated. You no longer waste time typing each piece of text like before. This feature will help you translate quickly with high accuracy.

Most impressively, the system can recognize objects and translate their names. The camera translator also supports scanning images to text. The history will be automatically stored on the system.

Users can upload photos from the phone’s gallery. But first you need to give the app permission to access the library. Furthermore, files in the form of PDF, DOCS, PNG, JPG, .. all allow batch upload and translation.

Easy voice translator

Not only allowing image translation, Camera Translator also provides voice translation. The system automatically filters out the noise to record the most accurate sound. Output results are guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

Regardless of whether you have a local accent or a non-standard intonation. Even slang or dialect is perfectly recognized by AI intelligence. The system will automatically correct and translate the text in the language you choose. The results are translated literally to the most commonly used native language.

Paste and copy text from multiple apps

Text translation is a familiar feature that every application uses. Camera Translator allows you to copy and paste translated text. You can copy them through other applications such as: Zalo, Facebook, tiktok, ..

Users will not be limited by any terms that interfere with copying operations. Now you can chat with foreigners under the versatile support of the app.

Improve your native pronunciation skills

When learning a foreign language, correct pronunciation is a process of training. You need to spend a lot of time practicing this skill. In which, listening and parodying according to the intonation of native speakers is an effective learning. Voice reading on Camera Translator helps you significantly improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

The audio file played on the application is easy to listen to, the sound quality is of a high standard. The application is ready to help you improve your foreign language level every day. Your pronunciation will become more natural if you stick to this method.

Share content through multiple media

This feature helps you to share content through a variety of media. It is recommended that you take pictures of the translated and altered results and send them to Google Drive, Dropbox or email. This is an effective solution for backing them up to secure platforms.

You don’t need to go through the history to find them again. On the other hand, if the text was translated by you many months ago, it takes a lot of effort to find it again.

MOD APK version of Camera Translator

MOD features

Premium Unlocked

Download Camera Translator MOD APK latest version for Android

Camera Translator maximum support for you in work or study. Don’t ignore them if you’re having a hard time learning a new language. You can download the app right here to get the full set of features above. The latest version of the app exclusively for Android will not let you down.

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