Idle Lumber Empire v1.9.1 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 09/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.9.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
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Grow your rudimentary sawmill and upgrade to the world’s top logging company. In this Idle Lumber Empire game, you can start your journey. This is an idle simulation game, you can get rich without spending much time online. Our MOD APK version will make it easier for you to experience the game.

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Introduce game Idle Lumber Empire

Welcome to Idle Lumber Empire – a brand new idle simulation game. In this game you will start running a small sawmill. Work hard to manage, expand your factory and follow your big dream: build a logging empire. Whether this goal can be achieved or not, it all depends on your business and management strategy. Don’t hesitate, try your hand at this amazing simulation game!

Forest management

Timber is the main source of extraction for your business. Therefore, you need to make sure this resource is not wasted. To harvest trees sustainably, you need to hire a planter to plant your forest. Buy more land to scale up and green it all. Train your woodworkers to be skilled workers so they can harvest resources efficiently. When you have gone into mass production, you need to maximize the area of afforestation.

Build production line

Logging, primary processing and woodworking are the mainstay of your production line. Initially, you can only mine with human power. Hire woodworkers so they can help you bring your resources back to the production site. Once you have a certain amount of capital, you can buy milling machines, saws… to increase mining productivity. After that, buy more modern machines and process the finished products to sell to the market. In this game you can produce many different products. In addition, you can trade wood for other traders.

Machines that work a lot will sometimes malfunction. It is obvious and real in life that you need to regularly upgrade and maintain them. Make sure your machines are always in top condition for high performance.


Once you have the finished product, you need to find a place to consume it. Run marketing campaigns to attract new customers, process orders efficiently to earn the most profit. What products do you make from wood? Based on that, you can find potential customers and long-term cooperation. When your business has a reputation, customers will automatically find you. However, you should not leave the marketing and advertising work behind. Simply because you will need more customers when you scale later.

Upgrade Biz

Earn BizPoints from every order you process.Use your hard earned BizPoints wisely to increase your Factory income forever. From there, profits will be stable and continuously growing. Soon you will become the richest wood tycoon in the city.

Scaling up

Is your goal really that big? Will you continuously expand or stop at a safe level? Once you have joined the game Idle Lumber Empire, do not hesitate to go further. Don’t let your cash flow freeze, expand more lumberyards and businesses. Hire a lot of talented employees to handle the work for you. When all is settled, you just need to watch the money flow into your pocket.


Idle Lumber Empire is a 3D simulation game with beautiful visuals. The viewing angle is diverse and can be easily changed to give you a better view of your business model. The characters in the game act like a machine, lacking in softness but extremely productive. It can be seen that the image in the game is a bit stiff, but the overall look is quite harmonious and easy to see. The objects are highly detailed, you will feel the highest realism. The sound of machinery engines will create a vibrant and efficient working atmosphere. Comfort and relaxation will increase with the cheerful background music that is played continuously in the game.

MOD APK version of Idle Lumber Empire

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money: money will increase as you spend

Download Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK for Android

Download Idle Lumber Empire now so you can enjoy this new addictive idle game. Not simply a game, it also stimulates your business thinking. Try new strategies, new ways of managing your business. Above all, your ultimate goal is to become really rich. It feels amazing when you become the top logging tycoon. These experiences you can only find in the game Idle Lumber Empire!

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