Honey Crush v14.4 Mod APK (Life/Coins/Gems/Boost)

Last updated: 13/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:14.4
MOD Info:Life/Coins/Gems/Boost
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Getting to know and dating a girl is a difficult problem for many young people these days. If you don’t know where to start, Honey Crush will guide you. This is a game that simulates getting to know any girl, from easy to advanced. The end result, you will have hot nights with them. Download our Honey Crush MOD APK so you can easily achieve your goals.

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Introduce game Honey Crush

Honey Crush is a game published by Nutaku. Coming to this game, you will join a world filled with love between boys and girls. You will approach many beautiful girls and learn how to approach them. If you are a shy person in real life, then Honey Crush will exploit another side of you. Surely, you will learn a lot from this game. Attractive gameplay with no limits, beautiful and realistic graphics will give you the most amazing experience ever.

Very realistic game

The content of this game revolves around a very real issue – getting to know a girlfriend. Even deeper, you can date and have adult sex with every girl you like. There is no fantasy, fiction element in this game. Although you are a shy person on the outside, when you join Honey Crush, you will live with the personality of a different person. Bold, proactive and a little spoiled, but those are the essentials for you to win a girl.


Get to know and date girls

In the game, you will live in a modern, evolving city. Here, you will meet a lot of beautiful girls and each of them will have different personalities. And of course, you will meet them in many different circumstances. Your only task is to get to know them and win their hearts. The first step is meeting, then you will go through many challenges to understand each other better. Finally, go to the dating step with romantic, happy times. You can start a conversation with anyone if they impress you. However, there are also girls that come to you as part of the game, you have to face it.

Match-3 puzzle

Every time you meet a girl, you need to solve challenging match-3 puzzles. To be able to get personal information and continue to get to know them, you must complete the quiz. The match-3 puzzle genre is probably no stranger to anyone. You need to move objects to create combinations of 3 to 5 objects of the same color. They will explode and destroy the surroundings, especially quest items. Increasingly difficult levels represent the difficulty of getting to know girls. Although it is only a small part, it also makes it easier for you to succeed.


Honey Crush brings you tons of beautiful and charming characters from the very beginning of the game. Audrey – the first girl to enter your journey will be the primary challenge that you need to go through. A lot of other girls are ready for you to actively approach and get to know. Expand your search across the city to meet as many cool girls as you like. Also, try to attract girls from Manfred’s harem to prove yourself as the hottest guy in the world.

Deserving award

Getting to know a girl in the game Honey Crush is a bit difficult, but the reward is extremely attractive. First, you have access to their profile and enjoy their private photos. Something you can’t do without successfully dating them. Sexy, hot photos will make you unable to take your eyes off. What’s more, you can even do adult things with them. This reward will be expressed through steamy, hot videos with high realism. It’s great isn’t it!

Graphics, sound

Not only giving players many beautiful images, Honey Crush also creates a realistic city through highly detailed images. Beautiful, casual and charming character design is the first step to attracting more players. The visual effects in the puzzle game are equally attractive. Vivid sounds, cute character voices and background music will make the game perfect in every respect.

MOD APK version of Honey Crush

MOD feature

  • Life / Coins / Gems / Boost

Download Honey Crush MOD APK for Android

Honey Crush is an extremely attractive game about each content. From intellectual puzzles to getting to know girls, they all give players many interesting experiences. Realistic images and beautiful character designs also bring a lot of inspiration to players. This game is suitable for everyone, especially those who are shy. It will make them exude a stronger side of their soul. What are you waiting for without joining Honey Crush right now with us!

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