HD Streamz APK v3.3.12 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 07/12/2021 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.3.12
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All TV channels from many countries around the world come together in one small application – HD Streamz. Easily enjoy 1000+ free channels and diverse genres. Why spend so much time searching for the right app when you have HD Streamz on hand? The introduction of this application promises to exceed your expectations.

Disney+Netflix are 2 apps of the same genre that you’ve definitely heard of. So have you ever thought of experiencing it?

Introduce about HD Streamz

HD Streamz is a completely free application to watch TV and movies online. It gives you almost all the content that interests you. With more than 1000 channels played in HD quality, it will give you the best experience. Easy to use and personalize, you can turn this application into a miniature TV with subscribed to all channel packages worldwide.

Every channel working

The question that you always ask is: are all channels active? There are many reasons for the inability of the channels. Maybe due to your geographical location, your area is not suitable. It’s also possible that your version is faulty. Whatever the cause, it makes you feel uncomfortable. But HD Streamz is different! This application gives users the comfort because any channel can be operated. Bringing the world of entertainment and knowledge about your phone, HD Streamz always ensures user experience.

More than 1000 channels is a huge amount that a streaming app can get. This application can take away your hours because of its rich content. From entertainment, culture and sports to news and social channels of the world, they are all ready to serve the needs of users. With global coverage, you can receive live broadcasts more conveniently and quickly than any other similar application.

High quality video playback

Video quality is also the most concerned factor for streaming applications. HD Streamz brings you the best HD quality. All channels are played with maximum sharpness and channel interference free. The reason is because HD Streamz has global coverage, the channels will capture the most appropriate frequency. This is something that no similar application has compared with HD Streamz. It is not too difficult to understand when this application gets great attention because users can watch all the top channels in the world.

Radio live streaming

HD Streamz owns the copyrights of many of the world’s top radio stations. Whether you are a fan of jazz, Indie or any genre, this app has it covered. This is the # 1 entertainment way when you are driving or relaxing. You can update all songs or tracks quickly via Radio mode.

Multiple links per channel

Broken links while playing are inevitable. However, HD Streamz always has a way to solve this problem. Each channel will be provided with about 10 different links. Each of these links is playable as they are taken from the server of the application. Therefore, every time a channel fails, you can randomly select another link so that your favorite shows will not be interrupted.

Play by other add-ons

Currently, HD Streamz allows users to play video through two utilities, MX Player and VLC. This is a very convenient feature for those who are accustomed to playing videos with the two above tools. Whether it is live stream or through 3rd party, HD Streamz still ensures the best and smoothest quality for users.

All free

Similar apps always have other subscriptions like Premium, Pro, Plus … But not with HD Streamz! The app is 100% free with all the features in it. Users will not need to pay any costs. Although there are more than 1000 different channels, HD Streamz still gives users the most comfortable experience starting from zero fees. We can say there aren’t as many apps that can do it like HD Streamz.

Smart search

The search allows you to find any TV channel in the world. What if you don’t remember the name of the channel? Don’t worry, this app has built-in smart filters for you to use. There are 3 options for you to filter information:

  • Quality: High, Medium and Low
  • Genre: Choose a genre you want such as sports, news, entertainment …
  • Country: More than 20 countries including Asia and Europe.

From the 3 smart filters above, you can quickly find what you want. Not only giving the right channels to the user’s request, it also suggests adding a number of related channels for you to refer to.


This app has a minimalistic and smartly designed interface. Its layout is geared towards Android and supports an on-screen experience. On the home screen, you can easily see a multitude of TV channels. Those were the most visited channels at that time. The categories are clearly divided that, logically, to avoid the feeling of confusion when looking at.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the APK file of Redmod.co to your device
  • Open “unknown source” and install the downloaded file
  • Open the app, grant permissions and select your favorite channel.

If you want to install HD Streamz on Fire Stick, just download the Fire Stick app to your device. Then open it up and add HD Streamz to your device and save it.


How do I play HD Streamz channels on other software?

Very simple. You just need to choose any channel and launch it. The application will automatically suggest 3rd party software for the slideshow. You can default to a software you love.

Does HD Streamz need root to work?

HD Streamz can run on all devices or emulators. And of course, it doesn’t need root.

Can i watch videos offline on HD Streamz?

Currently, HD Streamz does not have the video download feature. Therefore, you cannot preload favorite videos and save them. You can only watch videos where there is an internet connection.

Why can’t some HD Streamz channels be opened?

Chances are you haven’t used the latest version of it yet. Channels that cannot be opened may “coming soon”. It’s not officially released on your current version so you can’t open it.

Where can I watch copyrighted football matches in Europe?

With the HD Streamz app, you will experience sports channels in Europe. Since it has servers in England, Spain, Germany … it will definitely show football matches in the top leagues. What’s more, you can also view pre-match, post-match comments that you couldn’t find before.

Download HD Streamz APK for Android

HD Streamz will help you not miss any sports match, world news or any entertainment program. With a huge volume of channels, this application will be your entertainment tool anytime, anywhere. Using this application, you can be assured of every feature, quality or anything. This app is currently not available on the Google Play store. Therefore, you need to download the APK file and install it on your phone. To be safe, download the APK file at our website – Redmod.co.

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