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Download Pixomatic MOD APK so you can own the most powerful photo editing tools. If you have never edited photos before, Pixomatic will help you become more professional than ever.

Introduce about Pixomatic

If you are an amateur photo editor and want to improve your skills, then you should come to Pixomatic. This is an application to remove background, edit, remove excess details, help you create a complete photo. You will become a professional retoucher in a short amount of time using Pixomatic. With powerful features, Pixomatic will not disappoint you.

Quickly delete objects

A few pictures you love but have some extra details? With Pixomatic, such difficulty will be resolved quickly. With this powerful set of tools, you can delete, move any part. Just circle and fill that detail, erase it with your finger or move it anywhere.

Cut out images

Create a cropped image and remove the background image with Pixomatic’s background eraser. Just select the tool and object to crop, click on the screen, and choose to apply. You can keep the same or replace a different background. A transparent background is also a pretty cool choice for creating a unique work. You can also save the cropped image so you can use it later.


Pixomatic owns more than 100 different filters for the look you want. Alternatively, you can create your own recipe. Use your creativity to create unique recipes and filters. Use them in your photos to create a perfect composition.

Stroke the face

If you are a selfie lover, you cannot ignore this feature. You can easily get creative for the face, smooth skin, and clear blemishes. Add accents to your eyes and lips to make your face look more defined and perfect. You can also edit the color or hairstyle to your liking. Add finishing touches for contrast, exposure, and nuance.

Editing tools

All the basic tools like rotate, translate, zoom, shrink, crop, merge, insert images are fully included in Pixomatic. It can be said that Pixomatic is not inferior to any professional editor on the computer.

Pixomatic Pro

If you use the free version of Pixomatic, you can only give it a 7-day trial period. However, some features are also limited, but basic tools can still be used. Therefore, for the best experience, you must subscribe to the Pro plan. You will experience Pixomatic premium content and remove ads. You also have the flexibility to renew or cancel the pro package through your Google Play account.

MOD APK version of Pixomatic

If you do not want to pay the monthly maintenance fee of the Pro plan, you can try our MOD version. Pixomatic Pro APK version has a permanently unlocked Pro package, no subscription fee, and monthly maintenance fee. Just download the free file below, you already own all Pixomatic features of your device.

Download Pixomatic MOD APK for Android

Become a professional photo editor with Pixomatic. Quickly turn rough, overly detailed photos into a perfect masterpiece. Pixomatic will become an indispensable companion in the realization of your passion. Click on the link below to experience Pixomatic right with us.

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