Pixomatic v5.16.1 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 06/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:5.16.1
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Genre:Video - Photo
Package:Google Play Link

Download Pixomatic MOD APK so you can own the most powerful photo editing tools. If you have never edited photos before, Pixomatic will help you become more professional than ever. We believe, the greatness that this application brings will make you satisfied.

You can try experience CapCut and PicsArt to more options in photo editing.

Introduce about Pixomatic

If you are an amateur photo editor, want to improve your level, then come to Pixomatic. This is an application to remove background, edit, remove redundant details, help you create a complete photo. You will become a professional photo editor in just a short time. No training required, Pixomatic will expose you to many professional editing features. Explore countless other options in the app by downloading and experiencing!

Pixomatic APK 444x888
Edit easily with Pixomamatic

Pixomatic helps to remove objects quickly

Do you love a certain photo but have some superfluous details? With Pixomatic, that difficulty will quickly be solved. Its powerful toolset allows you to delete, move any detail. Just circle and fill that part, erase or move it anywhere with your finger. More importantly, this application also automatically recognizes the object on the photo. With small details, if you use your hand to circle normally, it is difficult to achieve maximum accuracy. But Pixomatic is extremely smart to understand which object you are trying to select to separate it from. Thus, your photo is completed more thoroughly.

Cut out images

You can create croppings and remove background images with Pixomatic’s background eraser tool. Just select the tool and object to crop, click on the screen and select apply. You can keep the same or change a different background to create variety. Transparent background is also an interesting choice to create a unique work. You can also save the cropped image so you can use it later. Pixomatic’s intelligent AI technology automatically animates the object and the background separately. You just need to consider whether to replace the background with another or edit the subject to create a satisfactory photo.

Filter of Pixomatic

Pixomatic has over 100 different filters for the look you want. Various color filters and eye-catching effects, creating freshness for photos. Alternatively, you can create your own recipe. Use your creativity to create unique recipes and filters. Use them in your photos to create a perfect composition. The filters you create will show your own style in each photo. Those are the unique things that should be in art!

Pixomatic MOD 444x888
Delete objects correctly

Stroke the face

If you are a person who likes to take selfies, you cannot ignore this feature. You can easily brighten your face, smooth your skin and remove acne. Accentuate your eyes and lips to make your face more defined and perfect. You can also edit the color or hairstyle to your liking. Add finishing touches to get contrast, exposure, and nuance. Pixomatic provides all the beauty and makeup features to create attraction on your face. Emphasize important features like eyes, nose and lips to create a unique look.

Editing tools

All the basic tools such as rotate, translate, zoom in, zoom out or crop, merge, insert images are available in Pixomatic. That is also the strength of this application in the field of photo editing. Both have special features, and fully integrate all basic photo editing features. It can be said that Pixomatic is not inferior to any professional editor on the computer.


With just one touch, your photo has been shared on famous social networking sites like Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook… Show your artistic talent in front of everyone through unique, catchy photos. eye. Pixomatic supports exporting images with the highest HD quality. You will see photos through this application enhanced sharpness and fresh colors. For that, you should use Pixomatic to fulfill your passion for photo editing.

Pixomatic Pro 444x888
Change the font and background to your liking

Application interface

Despite possessing many powerful editing features, but Pixomatic is very easy to use. Simply because its interface is designed to be intuitive, smart and user-friendly. Important features are located right below the photo for ease of use. You can also customize the display of frequently used tools so that you don’t have to search. Each time you access a new feature, the application will provide detailed instructions on how to use it and also have illustrations. Therefore, you can master all the features even if you have not approached any similar applications.

Pixomatic Pro

If you use the free version of Pixomatic, you can only give it a 7-day trial period. However, some features are also limited, but basic tools can still be used. Therefore, for the best experience, you must subscribe to the Pro plan. You will experience Pixomatic premium content and remove ads. You also have the flexibility to renew or cancel the pro package through your Google Play account.

MOD APK version of Pixomatic

MOD feature

  • Pro Unlocked

If you do not want to pay the monthly maintenance fee of the Pro plan, you can try our MOD version. Pixomatic Pro APK version has a permanently unlocked Pro package, no subscription fee, and monthly maintenance fee. Just download the free file below, you already own all Pixomatic features of your device.

Installation Instructions

  • Uninstall the original Pixomatic version on your phone if you have it installed on Google Play;
  • Enable “unknown sources” in your phone settings and download our APK file;
  • Click on the downloaded file and select Install;
  • The process is complete, you can open the app, grant it permissions and experience the Pro features of Pixomatic for free.

Reviews from users

How do users feel after using this application? Please join us in their review on Google Play. Thereby, you can also have a better overview of the pros and cons of this application.

“It took me about 3 years to find a good auto-cutter app and I finally found it! Pixomatic is well worth the subscription if you use it daily or weekly. I personally use it to place orders. white background behind the items I’m selling. If you’re looking for an app that’s super easy but also incredibly accurate, this app is perfect for you!”

“I use this app all the time to edit photos and create posters. I tried to use the free version, but then I decided to sign up for Pro. And then I feel satisfied, it is. met my needs. Powerful features of Pixomatic help me create more brand image. 5 stars for the app!”

“I use this app more than any other, because I love making collages. This app has great features and when it works, it works great and lets me make collages just fine. details on the go. However, it occasionally crashes, especially when trying to save the image to my computer. This can render my previous edits pointless.”

“This app is amazing and the best I’ve found so far! The possibilities are truly endless! It has tutorials and makes photo editing a breeze. Look no further for an editing app, whether for art, family photos, photo editing, and more.”

Download Pixomatic MOD APK for Android

You can quickly become a professional photo editor with Pixomatic. Disappear rough photos, many redundant details into a perfect masterpiece. Pixomatic will become an indispensable companion in realizing your passion. Click the link below to experience Pixomatic right away with us!

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