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Photographer’s Companion Pro gives you the best features of a professional camera set. Take photos with composition, control everything for the perfect moment. Photographer’s Companion Pro will help you with that. Download the Photographer’s Companion Pro APK file below to own this app for free.

Introduce about Photographer’s Companion Pro

Instead of taking a photo with feel, now Photographer’s Companion Pro helps you look more professional. This app will help you bypass the camera’s auto mode, which controls everything. Take a calculated, composed and bright photo that makes masterpieces. Are you ready to try it?

Take a calculated photo

Before, you could be an eye-sensing photographer. You only press the shutter when you feel the best. Now this app will make you take photos in a more calculated way. It gives you the most essential tools to identify the factors

  • Exposure
  • Depth of field, focus and Bokeh simulation
  • Field of view, speed of movement of the object
  • Calculate distance, aperture with Flash
  • Calculate the optimal settings according to the light

And more than that, a lot of elements can align for a perfect photo. Starting to use you may not fully understand the above factors. But after a while using Photographer’s Companion Pro, you’ll quickly learn how important they are. You will feel that the photo is now more soulful and professional than before.

Offers editing tools

For a more perfect photo, editing tools cannot be ignored. Photographer’s Companion Pro gives you a complete range of tools from simple to advanced. The basic tools include: crop, merge, rotate, insert pictures, text … The main tools to color correction, add effects, filter colors, adjust brightness, change the background … Not inferior With just one professional editing app, Photographer’s Companion Pro is confident in giving you everything. Plus with a detailed manual, you’ll become a professional photographer even without prior knowledge of photography.

Advanced photography

Photographer’s Companion Pro has a plethora of advanced photo tools available. For experienced photographers, this is the right app for them. Everyone will be familiar with, approaching new ways of taking light and composition. From there, we can create many perfect and unique photos.


Since this is an advanced capture application, it has a lot of complex features, but all tools are well designed and streamlined, suitable for phone configuration. You can easily find the necessary tools on the home screen.

Download Photographer’s Companion Pro APK for Android

Free download

Photographer’s Companion Pro is available on the Google Play store for $ 2.35. However, in this article, we have attached the free APK file of this application. You just need to click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation. Very quickly, you can use this amazing application completely free of charge.


Photographer’s Companion Pro is truly a professional photography app. This application is suitable for those who are really passionate about photography as it offers a lot of advanced photography features. Don’t hesitate to experience Photographer’s Companion Pro right with us.

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