MX Player Pro v1.78.6 Mod APK (Unlocked)

Last updated: 12/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.78.6
MOD Info:Unlocked
Publisher:MX Media & Entertainment
Genre:Video - Photo
Package:Google Play Link

If you are a movie buff then make sure you always keep the movies on your device. But you need to have a program that is good enough for the ultimate movie viewing experience. MX Player Pro will be a great application for you.

Introduce about MX Player Pro

MX Player Pro is released on the Android platform, but for a fee. Although it sells for up to $ 5.99, there are still plenty of buyers. Currently, it has received more than 1 million purchases from Google Play. This is an impressive number for a paid application.

This application is intended to help you optimize watching movies on mobile. It uses the most advanced technologies to reproduce and show movies of the highest quality. Thanks to that, you get the best experience when watching movies. Low quality movies will become sharper for you to enjoy.

Accelerate, reproduce and improve video quality

Often the videos posted on the online website will have reduced quality compared to the original video. The purpose of this is to match the site environment. So when you download it to your device, the quality drops again. Therefore, you cannot watch the video with the best quality. You will feel extremely disappointed if you watch a good movie with poor quality.

But this issue has been resolved by MX Player Pro. This app can make your videos surprisingly sharper. It uses 2 types of latest technology which are HARDWARE CODING and MULTI ERROR CODE SOLOVE. They are all advanced technology support used to enhance the user experience for watching movies.

Hardware decoding

DISCOVER THE HARDWARE of this app is upgraded based on older versions. This means you will take advantage of the abundant data. This also allows it to become highly compatible with older videos. As a result, you don’t need to find videos with the same old content in the right formats to watch. However, the newly released videos will be played on your device with the best quality. It also takes advantage of hardware acceleration quite well. This prevents your device from lagging while watching movies.

Decoding multi-core

Next is the Multi-ERROR CODE DISCOVER technology. This is another aspect that allows the app to increase video playback performance by up to 70% over single core. MX Player Pro is the first video player on Android to apply multi-core decoding. Thanks to these technologies, the user’s experience will be maximized. More importantly, it is still suitable on a wide variety of configurations.

Simple and friendly interface

First, when using this application, people appreciate its interface. It doesn’t pay much attention to the picky beauty of the interface. Instead it is a simple style and extremely easy to use. Sometimes the simplicity is even easier to sympathize with the sophisticated styles. Therefore, MX Player Pro gives its users a minimal experience possible. No frills, no fussy, easy to use is the strength of the design of MX Player.

The folders in the application are neatly arranged alphabetically. This way, you can easily find out where you store your downloaded videos. If you have just downloaded a video, it will immediately scan your memory and find the video. You just need to click inside the application and you can see a red dot right above the folder containing the latest video. And your job right now is to enjoy the video only. The system has processed the best video quality to serve you.

The controller is easy to understand, easy to use

All operations using this application are easy. You just need to touch a few times on the screen to be able to watch the videos you want. For some demanding users, having a handy video player app makes them feel happy. You also just need to swipe on the screen to control all actions on the video. From adjusting video speed, to quality, pausing, … everything is simple.

Touch the right side of the screen and slide it vertically, you can control the brightness of the screen. This is an extremely impressive feature that few other apps have. You can adjust that bar directly on the video playback screen. When you slide that light bar, only the video is dimmed. And the light on your Android system remains unchanged. That means you just need to exit the home screen, the light will be restored to the same.

Touch your finger to the opposite side, on the left side of the screen and slide it vertically, you can control the volume level of the video. If you slide at the top of the screen, you can find the position of the video you are watching. Tap two fingers together and spread them out to zoom. Double taps on the screen will cause it to pause or play depending on the video state. In addition, it also allows you to freely modifield subtitle, as long as you feel good.

MOD APK version of MX Player Pro

MOD feature

As you saw above on Google Play, MX Player Pro sells for $ 5.99. This is not a high price, because you only need to pay once and use the application forever. This high-end version offers many outstanding features, so the price is absolutely reasonable. However, we still offer the free MX Player Pro APK for those who cannot afford this app. And here are all the premium features of the MOD:

  • Use the day without root or Lucky Patcher, Google Play Modded;
  • Disabled/ Removed unwanted permissions + Recipient + Provider + Service;
  • Optimized graphics to suit all devices, easy and fast download;
  • Permissions/Services/Ad Providers have been removed from Android.manifest;
  • Affiliate ads do not appear during your use;
  • Ad layout visibility is disabled;
  • Changed the trigger icon in Menu / About;
  • Removed Consent to Forced Startup;
  • Remove splash screen;
  • Turn off the Scale pop-up dialog box;
  • Play DTS-HD / DTS-X / EAC3 audio from any video container mkv, mp4, ts, m2ts;
  • Google Play Store installation package check is disabled;
  • Removed debug code;
  • Remove default .source tag names of respective java files;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase disabled;
  • No active trackers or ads;
  • AOSP compatibility mode;
  • Multi-language, suitable for global users.

New features of the update

Every update, MX Player Pro is adding new convenient features. At the same time, the minor bugs of the previous version are also fixed. And the most interesting new feature is View Menu has been redesigned. This section is redesigned with a simpler style, easier to use. This is a sensible change to suit the simple style of the app’s interface.

Download MX Player Pro MOD APK for Android

MX Player Pro APK is highly appreciated by many experts for its ability to work efficiently and with outstanding features. Therefore, MX Player Pro is still loved by a lot of users, although it is not a free application. If possible, please purchase this app from Google Play to support the developer. Pro APK version is for those who can’t afford it. Finally, you can download the MX Player Pro APK from the link below.

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