Gun Game – Arms Race v1.69 Mod APK (God Mode/One Hit Kill)

Last updated: 02/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.69
MOD Info:God Mode/One Hit Kill
Package:Google Play Link

Gun Game – Arms Race is a shooting game released by SuperGaming. This is a game with an extremely new gameplay, different from similar games. This is also the point that makes users curious and want to experience it. Most of them are very satisfied and love this game. Are you next? Download our MOD version so you can get 100% win rate with the advantages you get.

Introduce about Gun Game – Arms Race

Shooting games always inspire players by its engaging gameplay. Gun Game – Arms Race is the same, but it has some other unique features in the gameplay. Diverse weapon systems and large maps will help players have more experience. We decided to recommend this post after just briefly experiencing it. So what is the reason? Please join us to find out!


You will start the match immediately after finding 4 or more opponents. During a Gun Game – Arms Race match, everyone will have 10 minutes to fight. Here, you can be revived continuously every 3 seconds if you are shot down. Unlike other games in which the initial gun selection is selected, the Gun Game – Arms Race gives all players the same weapon. This creates a balance for all players at the beginning, which literally means “win or lose at skill”.

Each time you destroy an enemy, you will be changed to another gun. There are a total of 10 such weapon change chains. If you clear all 10 of these bananas 10 minutes before, you will immediately win. However, it’s really not that simple. The longer the chain, the more difficult you will be exchanged for the guns. Especially the series of 10 – decision series in the game, you will have to use melee weapons as knives. This makes it difficult to reach other players. You need to move smart to be able to close the enemy.

When the blood is too low, look around the map for medical boxes. They will help you to significantly restore your lost health. These boxes will appear randomly and after a period of time. Let’s fight smart!


The outcome of the match will be given to the person who completes the 10th series quest. As long as someone completes the quest, the match will end immediately. If no one completes it after 10 minutes, they will rank according to the number of kills. However, players Gun Game – Arms Race always want to achieve the most convincing victory. Completing the task is that you can show your comprehensive qualifications and skills in front of 9 other competitors.

Weapon system

Weapons variety is also the highlight of the Gun Game – Arms Race. In the game you will experience countless types of guns: pistols, rifles, SMGs, shotguns … If you can master all of them, you will surely win. The most difficult weapon is definitely a knife, and approaching other opponents is a challenge.

Number of bullets

Each gun will have a different amount of ammunition depending on the genre. In battle there will be no resupply ammunition, so you cannot use it wastefully. Especially guns that have great damage like shotguns, you only have 6 unique bullets. If you use up all of the ammo and haven’t knocked anyone down, you will be useless. Resurrection after death will also help you refill your magazine, and that’s the only way. You aim to shoot at dangerous positions like the head to be able to defeat the enemy fastest and save your bullets.


Getting high rankings in each match will bring you a lot of money. You can use them to unlock characters in the game. The more money you have, the more cool and beautiful characters you can unlock. Your character image will appear while searching for a match and that is also your avatar. It’s also time to show off your style and wealth by using the most expensive characters in the game.

Battle map

The vast map in the game will give players many hiding places. The terrain consists of many tall buildings will have many changes in the moves. Many times you will be shot down without seeing where the enemy is standing. The map is so large that the player must always be careful and observe carefully.

Control screen

The movement and shoot buttons are designed to suit the phone screen. This makes it easier for you to move. Swipe the screen so you can change direction and observe your surroundings. The right corner of the screen is a miniature map so you can see where you are. If enemies appear near you, on the mini map will appear red dots for you to determine their exact location. The left side displays the current health and in the middle is the match time. All the most useful information is displayed to you, your job is to focus on fighting and winning.


The graphics of the shooting games always make players feel excited. And of course Gun Game – Arms Race is no exception. Realistic 3D flowers, smooth in every movement of the character. The visual and sound effects in the match will make players feel excited. Besides, the character creation is very cool and beautiful. Background, the map is also extremely realistic so that players can feel like they are in a real battle.

Play with friends

Gaming will be fun if you play with friends. This is the best online game with unlimited fun. You can create your own room and play together. The best fun is being able to defeat the best of friends and show off your skill level. Laughter and joyful atmosphere are always filled with entertainment is the best.

MOD APK version of Gun Game – Arms Race

MOD feature

  • ESP Shows All Players Name and Health Bar
  • Infinite Armor
  • Wallhack
  • Instant Kill
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Rapid Fire
  • No Reload, no recoil, no spread
  • Infinite Mobility
  • Instant Weapon Switch Time
  • Max Weapon Shoot Range

Download Gun Game – Arms Race MOD APK for Android

Download Gun Game – Arms Race so you can experience one of the best shooting games. The unique gameplay and top-notch, realistic graphics will make you quickly fascinated. The fun is doubled if you have many friends to play with. The simple and easy controls of the Gun Game – Arms Race help players quickly master and have the most accurate aiming. You just need to click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation.

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