Game Booster 4x Faster Pro APK v1.2.7 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 08/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.2.7
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Publisher:G19 Mobile
Package:Google Play Link

Your phone is too weak but still want to play high graphics games? With Game Booster 4x Faster Pro, nothing is impossible! Just download this application, it will optimize the game to fit your device. With just one tap, this app makes the impossible possible. We have provided the APK file for free, which you can download from the link below the article.

Pro Graphics Toolkit and GLTools NO Root are 2 similar tools, can replace this application.

Introduce about Game Booster 4x Faster Pro

The game market is currently extremely large in the world. This essential need exists in all ages and genders. Its popularity is so great that there have been games included in e-sports for international competition. Naturally, it attracted great interest from players and was well received. Thanks to the advancement of technology, the graphics quality of mobile games is getting higher and higher. They are even close to the standards of PC games.

High game quality means you must have a well-configured phone. Otherwise, it can’t load the size and the graphics. The state of jerky, slow, lag you probably have experienced. Therefore, the birth of Game Booster 4x Faster Pro to balance these two disparities. Basically, this application will help optimize any game to fit your phone. How it works, how it works, are all in our article below.

Boots mode

In this application, there are all 3 different Boots modes for you to choose from. It’s mode: Ultra Boots, Auto Boots and Normal Boots. You can turn them on and off in the Boots Configs TAB. In general, they function quite similar in purpose. However, if you go deeper, you will see the differences to classify them.

Ultra Boots

This mode will maximize your device’s performance. It will perform many advanced customizations, maximizing features. Enabling this mode will allow you to play high-profile games. Its powerful AI technology allows you to get deeper into the game. You can customize the settings in the game, there are even customizations that are not in the game that are added by this application. So you can easily optimize everything to play quality games smoothly.

Powerful features can not be criticized, but this mode also has disadvantages. When performance is at its maximum, it is extremely battery draining. This also causes your phone to heat up faster than usual. Therefore, you should balance the playing time reasonably so as not to affect your phone.

Auto Boots

If it comes to the boots mode that is most loved and appreciated by users, then it is definitely Auto Boots. It helps you to quickly improve performance with just one turn. Game loading speed will be smoother, no more jerky, lag. This mode will automatically optimize for all games, you don’t need to make any customizations.

Normal Boots

This mode is a bit different in how it works compared to Ultra and Auto Boots. It will not impact anything on performance or graphics. It speeds up your game by clearing the background cache to free up memory. When the cache is empty, it will make the game load faster and smoother. Normal Boots will continuously scan while on and clear all unnecessary caches running in the background. Increasing virtual RAM will also make your phone smoother, you can enable it in settings.

How to enable Boots mode and add games to the app?

To enable boots mode, simply go to the settings in the app. Then, scroll down to find the “Boots” feature section. In there is all Boots mode and you can do the installation right there. Then save and proceed to add the game.

In order for the system to work on games, you need to add them to the app. You just need to select “Add games” and the system will list the games available on your device. Then, you just need to choose the games that need to be optimized and save. Then you just need to go to the right folder and open the game, the previous settings are already saved for you to experience right away. You don’t need to re-customize every time you open the game in the usual way.

Zero Lag Mode

This is a mode that allows you to automate the display quality adjustment process to improve performance. During the game, if you experience “lag” or “lag”, turn on this mode. It will help you:

  • Optimize game configuration with Performance.
  • Hardware-accelerated rendering: Enables support for VULKAN and OPENGL 3.1+.
  • Render level: Enhance the quality of the graphics.
  • GPU Optimization: Custom OpenGL shaders.

GFX Tool

What is GFX Tool?

GFX Tool is a toolkit specifically for PUBG Mobile game. This is a very famous game in the world. There was a time when it became the number one Battle Royale game in the world in terms of downloads and hits. With such heat, it was not difficult to realize how large the number of players was. However, this is a game with quite high graphics and heavy. Weak models will often be slow to load and jerky, lag. For that reason, the GFX tool was born to solve this problem.

We have exclusively introduced a professional application to help you play PUBG smoothly, which is Pro Graphics Toolkit.

The effect of the GFX tool

The GFX tool allows you to easily adjust the game’s resolution. Freely adjust the resolution levels to suit your device. If your phone is a bit weak, reduce it to 360p or 480p. Although the image quality is not high, but in return you can play smoother. With high-paced games like PUBG, just a little jerky, lag can get you kicked out of the match.

FPS parameters are also extremely important for this game. FPS stands for Frames per second – this is the number of frames per second. In other words, FPS is a parameter that measures the number of images that the graphics processing unit (GPU) can render and display per second on your screen. The higher the FBS, the more powerful your phone must be to be able to download it. So feel free to adjust it with the GFX tool for a better fit.

In addition, the GFX tool also allows you to customize the graphics parameters. There are 5 graphics options for you: Smooth, Balanced, HD, HDR and Ultra HD. With HDR and Ultra HD modes, your device’s screen needs to have HDR technology built in for the best display.

Application interface

Possessing a multitude of powerful features, but Game Booster 4x Faster Pro has an optimized interface, simple and smart. The control panel display keeps you informed of all current parameters. Each feature will have its own control panel and you can customize it. The app is also shrinkable like a chat bubble, allowing you to open it up quickly. This feature is suitable for you to adjust parameters while in the game. The menu and settings are fully featured for you to find easily.

APK version of Game Booster 4x Faster Pro

Game Booster 4x Faster Pro is already available on Google Play store, you can download it from there. Currently, its price is $0.99 and you need to pay that amount to be able to download it. But when you come to us, everything is completely free. Below is the APK file of this game, you just need to download and install it on your phone. The process is complete, you can open the app and make your customizations.

Reviews from users

To know how this application works, whether it is effective or not, try to refer to the user reviews. They have used and given the most accurate opinions about this application. Here are some reviews from users on Google Play:

“This application is very good! I recommend everyone with weak computers to set the resolution to 960, fps 90 and the graphics to the lowest level of the GFX tool. It helps to play the game very smoothly, I have tried it and am very satisfied”

“Quite satisfied with the features of this application. It helps me improve a lot of game loading speed and reduce lag and lag. If it updates to reduce ping function, now FPS is extremely great. .”

“The application works very well. However, when I reset the phone, the store forced me to buy it again. After a week, it seems that this error has been fixed. Very satisfied with the way the publisher works! “

“This application really doesn’t cost me any money to buy. Initially when my computer played the game with high graphics, it was very laggy. But after I downloaded this app, the game play is very stable and smooth. made such a good app!”

“In terms of performance, I give it a good score. However, the interface is too minimalistic to the point of failure. For example, statistics of programs running in the background or running in the background, statistics of battery consumption, or no gfx path. straight to the game”

Download Game Booster 4x Faster Pro APK for Android

All in all, Game Booster 4x Faster Pro is really a must-have application for gamers. It helps them to upgrade the experience of high graphics games. If before, playing games with great graphics was only your dream, now it has become a reality. Customize your game and play like a pro. Let this app help you play games faster and smoother!

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