iTranslate v7.0.4 Mod APK (MOD Unlocked)

Last updated: 12/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:7.0.4
MOD Info:MOD Unlocked
Package:Google Play Link

For me, iTranslate is an indispensable companion. It helps me a lot in both language and work. What about you? Experiment with us to see how great iTranslate is. The download link below is always ready, you can download it at any time.

Introduce about iTranslate

In the era of technological development, the demand for cultural access in countries in the world is also higher. You want to explore new lands, interesting cuisines or cultural systems. You also have a variety of language questions for more useful information from many countries. Therefore, iTranslate translation application was released and quickly disseminated to users. With iTranslate, you will not worry about blocking languages in many countries around the world.

iTranslate is not a novelty application, as it was released quite a while ago. Since the beginning of its release, this tool has been a lot of interest. To date, iTranslate has received more than 50 million downloads on Google Play. This number of downloads is still increasing. That said, this app is really useful and loved by many people.

Translation for all languages

This is an application that provides many different languages with the most accurate translation level. Currently, this application can translate to more than 100 languages. Thanks to that, every user all over the world can use it.

Most basic languages are available in iTranslate, only small country languages have not been added. English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, … are the most popular languages today. Therefore, these languages are chosen by many people to learn. And iTranslate is a great tool for you to support your learning. The developer announced that they will add many new languages in the upcoming updates.

Record translation

Voice translation mode makes it possible to translate foreign language videos or audio. The integrated system automatically recognizes dialects, irregular verbs, and synonyms to automatically convert accordingly. Words with many meanings will cause great confusion in translations, so iTranslate relies on the context of the entire sentence to give the most accurate translation.

Image translation

Another cool feature is the detection and translation of hieroglyphs. With languages not written in Latin such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean … will make you difficult. With iTranslate, just put the text to be translated into the image scanning system, the application will automatically identify and translate. Hieroglyphs will no longer be a problem, making it easier to find information.

Easy to use

Using iTranslate is also extremely simple. You just need to open the application, select the language to translate and put the translated text into. There are 3 ways to translate the system: text, voice and image translation. With the intelligent speech recognition system, the system will produce some results that most closely match the words you pronounce. Therefore, even if you pronounce incorrectly, just touch the correct word that the system suggests. This is really convenient and useful, isn’t it!


Translations are also easy to share with people via social networking sites like FaceBook, Instagram … With just a few touches, the person you want to send will quickly receive your translation. This is convenient for those who work in groups or simply want to share with everyone.

Great learning tool

The selection of learning translation support applications is also a good way for you to learn foreign languages. To be more precise, it is an indispensable tool for every language learner. If you only use the traditional dictionaries, you will get bored and difficult. Because every time you want to look up any word, it takes you a lot of time to find it. But with iTranslate, you can find any word in seconds.

Plus, iTranslate brings a diverse language system that will suit users all over the world. Thanks to this tool, your language learning will become even more fun and easy. Even, many users love learning foreign languages since knowing this application.

New features updated

After each update, iTranslate will become more perfect, providing a better experience for users. In the latest update, the developer has improved the translation speed faster. And of course, the speed is faster, but the accuracy hasn’t changed. In addition, they also improve the stability for this application. If you have any problems, or would like to comment on iTranslate, you can contact the developer at: [email protected]

MOD APK (Pro) version of ITranslate

MOD feature

In addition to the free version above, you can also upgrade to the Proranslate Pro package. With this package, you will have many other extremely powerful features. These include Lens camera translation, web page translation, and convenient Safari extensions. More specifically, the offline translation feature makes it possible to translate at any time. The conjugation feature in many different tenses is also integrated and block ads.

You will be charged for the iTranslate Pro upgrade package. But today you will experience completely free with iTranslate Pro APK version. This version unlocks the full functionality of the Pro package and it’s very easy to download. Click on the link below to start the experience.

Download iTranslate Pro APK (MOD Unlocked) for Android

The language barrier will no longer recur with iTranslate. With the powerful features that we have, it is not difficult to understand why iTranslate has received very positive reviews from users. Let’s experience and experience the great features of iTranslate.

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