BitTorrent v8.2.3 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 07/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:8.2.3
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:BitTorrent, Inc.
Package:Google Play Link

BitTorrent MOD APK helps you download files to your phone faster with unlimited bandwidth. This amazing app is a simple way for you to discover, download and play music/videos anytime, anywhere.

Introduce about BitTorrent

What I find annoying about my phone is that the download speed of large files is quite slow. Currently, servers have invented a lot of ways to help users download things faster, including the torrent protocol. And BitTorrent is the application that integrates this protocol. The concept of torrent protocol is probably still unfamiliar to many users today. So, follow my article to better understand torrents as well as the great features of BitTorrent!

The concept of torrents on the phone

BitTorrent will let you download and stream torrents on your phone or tablet. For those who don’t know, torrenting is a peer-to-peer network protocol – P2P. It will effectively support downloading any file to your device. The way it works is to split the file into many small bits. For files weighing up to several GB, it can also be split. Thanks to that, the download speed will be faster and you will definitely not have the download process self-destruct.

The torrent protocol is trusted by many famous game developers. They want their users to not feel uncomfortable loading their games. Loading files that take too long will also cause users to abort the process and they will find another place to download. However, this protocol requires a fee to maintain, as it consumes a lot of bandwidth. It’s also the reason that only big companies apply it to their game files.

Some features of BitTorrent

Sure, BitTorrent will use the torrent protocol to help you download files faster. However, it has a lot of other interesting features that you can explore. After many updates, BitTorrent has almost become more perfect. It has higher performance, faster downloads, and a user-centric mobile torrenting experience. Other features of this app include:

  • Wifi only mode to save mobile data;
  • No speed limit and no size limit;
  • Easy access to your media with built-in music and video libraries;
  • Choose files to download in a torrent to minimize your storage space;
  • Enjoy a better music and video playback experience with the built-in music and video player;
  • Auto-off (Pro feature);

Some features can be quite confusing for new users. But you only need to care about the most important thing is that BitTorrent will help you improve file download speed. As for many other features, you can slowly learn. Those features are quite good, if you understand it well, it will be a great experience.

Extra Features

BitTorrent developers are always updating with new features. They put a lot of effort into researching and creating a lot of utilities when using torrenting for phones. Therefore, additional features are added in turn:

  • Choose your file download location when adding torrents;
  • Download torrents and magnet links;
  • Choose between just delete torrents, or torrents & files;
  • Latest core torrent technology, constantly updated by dedicated torrent core engineers to maximize performance;
  • Download licensed free music and videos from BitTorrent content partners;
  • Download more than one music file in a torrent. Play them all at once as a playlist
  • Improved download performance and stability.

Nice and clean interface

I really like BitTorrent’s layout designs and interface themes. It looks pretty simple, but packs a lot of powerful features inside. Neat and clean interface layout creates a good impression on users right from the first use. The features are also arranged in extremely clear categories. Therefore, if you intend to learn its features, you can rely on the relationship between features to speculate. The subject with white light is very clear and beautiful.

MOD APK version of BitTorrent

MOD features

  • Pro Unlocked

Download BitTorrent MOD APK latest version for Android

BitTorrent is a mobile torrent provider that you should not miss. It works smoothly and with high performance. Now you don’t need to worry about downloading large files. BitTorrent always creates stability for you to enjoy torrenting on your phone. Downloading BitTorrent to your phone is easy, just click the link below!

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