Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape v1.0.3 Mod APK (Money/No Ads/Menu)

Last updated: 08/09/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.3
MOD Info:Money/No Ads/Menu
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Keplerians Horror Games
Package:Google Play Link

Escape games always give players many different emotions. To complete such a game, you need to converge many factors: intelligence, calmness and determination. If you have never tried a similar game, download Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape to your phone and experience. How will you show off in this challenging game!

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Introduce game Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape

Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape is an extremely attractive horror – escape game for mobile. The game content is quite unique, with the main character being a peculiar nun. This game gives you quite a lot of challenges in mystical mazes. Graphics and sound are full of horror, making you have many startling phases. But that is also part of the appeal of this game. Join and challenge yourself in challenging puzzles!

Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape MOD APK
Show your mind when solving puzzles

Background of the game

Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape is set in the intersection between the events of Evil Nun 1 and 2. At that time, Madeleine’s sister suddenly became a rather scary creature. Although still in the form of a nun, she always shows a sinister and scary face. In her mind, there is always a sense of revenge and arresting people without reason. You are one of the unfortunate victims, caught and locked up at a High School. In the first person perspective, you will control the character and find ways to escape from this danger.

The main gameplay of Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape

The only purpose when you join the game is: escape. But this is not easy! You don’t know anything about this place, where is the exit of that vast maze? Moreover, you also have to do everything in silence, without a sound. The other nun can kill you instantly if she detects you’re trying to escape.

Every event that takes place gives you valuable hints. But first, you need to complete the event. They can be puzzles, stories or a quest. The answers to those events you can find around the map. While you are searching for the answer, the nun will appear from time to time as if on patrol. At that time, you need to hide in hidden places so as not to be detected. The feature of this game is that it will end when you let the nun catch.


Maze is also the biggest obstacle in this game. You can hardly find the exit because it is designed quite complicated. At that time, gold coins will help you by buying support items. Without them, you’ll have to memorize the maze structure, paths, and more complex situations yourself. If you just play in the usual way, it will take you a lot of time to learn.

Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape MOD
Complex and challenging mazes

You also cannot comfortably find the solution in this maze. Puzzles constantly appear to test your intelligence. A small note is that you need to remember the circumstances that happened before. It is possible that later puzzles will be closely related to those events. Each puzzle solved, you get closer to the end of the maze. Once there, you just need to move and find the exit.

Horror element

The highlight that creates the drama and attraction for the game is the horror element. The surrounding context is enough to make the hair on the back of the player’s neck stand up. A gloomy space, lack of light and strange objects displayed around. Sometimes you will be startled when you suddenly see a dry skeleton, blood-stained knives… All of this makes you always in a state of suspense and fear.

The most special is the character design of the nun in Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape. A peculiar priestess, her eyes red as if dyed with blood. His face always had a sinister and scary smile. If you suddenly meet her, you will surely be startled. Nuns also often appear unexpectedly to make your heart stop. The iron hammer in her hand will smash anything that gets into those bloodshot eyes.

The game is loved by the whole world

Any country can download and experience the game Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape. The attraction has spread to many countries around the world. International players appreciate this game very much. From content, gameplay to graphics and sound are excellent. Diverse content with dozens of different levels makes players extremely excited. They can freely choose and express their thinking in conquering them.

Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape APK
Horror background, realistic

Graphics, sound

Extremely realistic 3D graphics make a perfect Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape game. With the first perspective, you can feel like you are walking in that maze. The objects are highly detailed, you can interact with any object that appears on the screen. The background design, the monk character is extremely realistic, emphasizing the horror element of the game.

Sound can be said to be a drug that stimulates the player’s emotions. Normally, the background music has a creepy, suspenseful style, putting players in a state of fear. Especially when you are caught by a nun, the background music will be more climax and horror, making anyone startled. The realism is also reflected in the fact that you can even hear the character’s breathing. Please wear headphones so you can experience the game to the fullest.

MOD APK version of Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money : money will increase when you buy items
  • No Ads
  • Menu MOD : you can open the MOD Menu in the left corner of the screen. There you can enable the stupid Bot mode. They will not be able to attack you.

Download Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape MOD APK for Android

Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape is a super fun and engaging game. The gameplay looks easy but is actually extremely difficult. Compared to similar versions, the Bot in this game is smarter, often appears unexpectedly and also knows how to choose shortcuts. Therefore, the challenge for players is even more. Realistic, smooth graphics give players the best experience of a horror escape game. Are you ready? Download and experience with us now at the link below!

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