Unruly Heroes v1.1 Mod APK (Paid)

Last updated: 20/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.1
MOD Info:Paid
Publisher:Perfect Game Speed
Package:Google Play Link

After being released on Steam and getting a lot of success, now is Unruly Heroes has official mobile version. This 2D action-adventure game will give you a variety of creative experiences through a fantasy art style and a fun storyline. If you can’t buy it on Google Play, you can download it for free at RedMod.co.

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Introduce game Unruly Heroes

Unruly Heroes is developed by the independent team at Magic Design Studios and published by Perfect World. Inspired by the legendary Chinese novel – Journey to the West, Unruly Heroes wishes to bring you the most familiar and unique images. You won’t refuse this “47th Annie Award for Best Game Character Animation” title game. The gameplay is familiar but mixed with a variety of unique features. Add to that the 10-point plot and graphics in our review. Download the game and experience this great thing!


The Buddhist scriptures have kept a balance between Heaven, Earth and countless creatures. However, as the Devil’s cruelty began to develop, this fragile balance was plunged into chaos as the holy holy spirit was torn into pieces and scattered across the earth. The creatures that encountered the mythical power of the fragments inherited unprecedented strength. This new found power aroused a wickedness deep in their hearts. They turn them into horrifying monsters. With a world in turmoil, a master and his three disciples accepted Guan Yin’s decree and began to assemble the fragments into a new sutra.

You will follow the journeys of a master and his three disciples. They fight, solve puzzles, collect loot, parkour, platforms and more in their mystical demonic-killing adventure. Take advantage of their special attacks and relics in an intellectual and brave battle against the devil. Complete their pilgrimage in scripture unification.

Attractive gameplay

Unruly Heroes has a diverse and rich gameplay. Many different game modes gather together to create an unprecedented attractive game. Can say about:

  • Overcoming challenges: Control your character through challenging maps. Parkour through complex terrains, fighting to defeat youkai. You can get in trouble at any time, stay calm and resolve them!
  • Character Switching: You can switch flexibly between 4 teachers and students in the same map. They will assist each other through complex terrains. For example there are many youkai you will call Wukong. As for the distant terrain, the skill of floating in the air of the Eight Worlds will have an advantage …
  • Collect: The spoils will bring you many benefits. Countless gold collected along the way will help you buy items in the store. Do not ignore any gold coins and chests, as picking them up will not take much time. In return, the benefits they bring are extremely great.
  • Puzzle: Besides the action adventure gameplay, Unruly Heroes also has an extremely attractive intellectual gameplay. The conundrums will make you think a lot to find the solution.

Those are just a few of the many fascinating gameplay of Unruly Heroes. The more maps you clear, the more new gameplay you can unlock. And with unlimited maps, you will have wonderful experiences that have no end.


4 teachers and students Tang Tang will be the main character in the game. The characters are completely hand drawn, you can see the softness from the appearance to the action. Especially Wukong, a character with flexible and agile movements, is always used priority from the player. Each character has different strengths and weaknesses. You can find out by experimenting with that character.


Unruly Heroes is built with 2D graphics with an intuitive perspective. Familiar background and characters are inspired by popular novels. The designs are on the level of abundance and depth of illustration, giving you a sense of realism and vibrancy. Character action is smooth and flexible, you can perform complex manipulations, beautiful parkour. Background music is indispensable in this game, as it brings comfort to the player.

Download Unruly Heroes APK free for Android

Unruly Heroes is a great game, from storyline, graphics to gameplay. The appearance of this Mobile version is definitely a great joy for many players. The price tag of $ 1.94 is too much for this game. Best of all, you can download it for free here. Click on the link below to get Unruly Heroes free now!

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