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Last updated: 01/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.83
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9th Dawn III RPG is an adventurous 2D RPG and information collection game. If you are a fan of RPG games, you should not miss 9th Dawn III. With the story and extremely attractive content, you will not be able to escape the charm of this game.

Introduction game 9th Dawn III RPG


You will be asked to investigate the mystery and spooky surrounding Elmson Lake. Before that, you need to travel through the land of Cedaltia to find out the truth. There, you hear some information about a sinister and cruel king. As you are sent to investigate, you need to continue your journey to Lorwyck Castle. There, you will have to fight, overcome many obstacles, cross ancient fortresses, dungeons … to reach the final point and defeat that evil king. Are you ready to be Cadaltia’s savior?

Attractive gameplay

As an adventure game, 9th Dawn III RPG will certainly have a diverse and attractive gameplay. On your journey, you will have to overcome many lands full of dangers. Fortresses, dungeons with countless codes and you need to decode them in order to pass. Best of all, you need to fight with more than 250 types of unique monsters. Destroy them to capture the loot, treasures, and precious materials that support your journey ahead.

You can also upgrade your level through monster fighting. The higher your level is, the more skills and magic you will unlock. Refine your attributes and upgrade skills to make you stronger. With the summoning skill, you can turn the monsters you defeated into allies, training them to become your right hand man.

The equipment system of the 9th Dawn III RPG is also unique and rich. On the journey, you can collect about 1,000 items – including 300 weapons and 500 pieces of armor and many other accessories. You can customize weapons, armor, and collect mosaic gems to increase your strength.

Later lands will be more dangerous and the difficulty is extremely high. You need to prepare well the necessary equipment, medicine … to be ready for battle.

Graphics, sound

Game 9th Dawn III RPG is designed as a simple classic 2D graphics. The main color of love is a dark color to increase the sense of danger for players to have a more engaging experience. The map system, equipment and characters are very diverse with many genres. Skill effects, battles are applied to increase the attractiveness in each battle. Sounds in the game are mainly background music, character voices and fighting sounds.

APK version of 9th Dawn III RPG

If you want to experience 9th Dawn III, you will need to pay $ 9.99 for Google Play. But with our APK version, you can own it completely free. Just download the APK file below to your computer and you can immediately experience this great game.

Download 9th Dawn III RPG APK for Android

With the gameplay and storyline engaging, you will not be able to stop any moment. Note that your device needs to have Android 4.4 or higher to be compatible with this game. We invite you to experience the adventurous and thrilling moments with 9th Dawn III RPG. You just need to click on the link below to download and install.

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