Toomics v1.5.9 Mod APK (VIP Subscription)

Last updated: 28/10/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.5.9
MOD Info:VIP Subscription
Publisher:Toomics Global
Package:Google Play Link

Owning comic book store in hand is easy with Toomics MOD APK. Our MOD version will help you experience this application perfectly. Specifically, please refer to the article below.

What application can replace Toomics? That answer is Mangakakalot and MangaToon with a huge stock of comics and manga.

Introduce about Toomics

Comic book is a genre that many people love and take it with. You can read thousands of stories in one day without getting bored. However, you can not always find your favorite manga online or anywhere. Another limitation is that reading online stories will sometimes have problems is poor network connection, making images not load or loading too slowly, making you uncomfortable. Understanding that, we would like to introduce to you the Toomics comic reader application. With this application, all of the above problems are easily solved.

Huge comic book store

Since being released, the publisher has always updated the new and most popular comic series. Therefore, Toomics now owns a huge collection of stories of all genres. Famous series such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, or romance series, sports, martial arts … all fit in this small application. You can search for any series that you like.

Comics are the strong point of Japan and this is also home to many of the most famous series. So Toomics also focuses heavily on the series from this country. Besides, the publisher also constantly updates the series from around the world and brings it to this small application. Just open the application, find your favorite series in the search bar, and you can start enjoying the full series.

Continuously updated

Toomics always update daily the latest comic books. New episodes will be updated continuously to satisfy your daily enjoyment of reading. The series are displayed in the sharpest and clearest way, making it easy to visualize progress like watching an animation. The comic system is arranged by categories, genres, so you can easily choose. You can also search directly for your favorite series through the search bar.


Personalization allows users to make individual settings. Of course, it will also save and preserve your changes. To be able to use this feature, you need to register for an account. Registration is very simple, you can create it right on the app. Then go to settings and start making the changes you want.

You can create a personal favorites list, change the look, features, recommendations… If you don’t like horror comics, you can turn it off. Then you will never see this suggested category on the homepage. The application will suggest the genres that you often watch, or search for. Personalization also allows you to sign in on other devices and keep everything the same. It’s convenient, right!


This app is completely free if you just read regular stories. Popular series and many other genres will be locked and you need a VIP registration. After testing, we find the free version is not too bad. Many famous story books are still available in the app for you. You can still read the series you love without a VIP subscription.

Download comics

If you work in an environment without an internet connection, download the content in this application. Toomics allows users to download any manga included in the application. All downloads will be saved in the “downloads” section, which you can go to and view at any time. For unreleased series, new episodes will not automatically update to the one you downloaded.

Reading stories offline is extremely convenient and also has many other good points. You will no longer have to take too long to load photos or log in for too long. Thus, users will have the best experience of the content they love.

Application interface

Toomics’s interface is extremely minimalist, you can quickly master everything. At the top is a toolbar containing all the most essential features. The Menu section will allow you to view even more specific features. Home screen and list of most loved and visited series. There are certainly good series, because it is of interest to many people. If you don’t know what to see, check it out there!

The images in the application, especially in the series, are extremely sharp. You will no longer have the problem of downloading images for too long like when reading online. This application optimizes images so that it can load faster. However, the image quality is always guaranteed and reaches the maximum.

Some minus points of Toomics

What users find most annoying about Toomics, as well as other reading applications, are ads. After each chapter, we are always bothered by ads. Another thing is that you have to spend money to recharge, if you want to buy the next chapter. However, this problem can still be solved thanks to the Toomics MOD APK version.

In addition, the language problem also needs to be improved. Since Toomics supports quite a few languages, most of them are English. This application is popular all over the world, so many users wish to have their national language. Hopefully the developer will soon update more languages to bring the best experience to users.

Another little problem that many users feel dissatisfied with is the interface of each series. When you choose a series, you will immediately be taken to the first chapter to start. But many users want an overview interface about the series, especially the content summary. Because they want to see if the content of those series is interesting or not, before making a decision to read it.

Toomics’s VIP member

Even in this version you can register for free and read free stories. However, some features and parts of the comic will be limited. To be able to unlock and use, you need a VIP membership registration. After registering, you will experience some exclusive Toomics features. Deeper, you may have priority to read before some series that the free version does not have. Ads, which are most annoying while reading stories, will be permanently removed. Although it takes a large amount of money to maintain, the benefits are great, right!

Notable update

Latest version 1.5.2 (Update on 26 Jan 2022)

It is inevitable that small application errors on each device are inevitable. Therefore, the developer is constantly improving the quality to make Toomics better and better. After each update, we fixed all the problems, of course, just the small problems that users encountered. Along with that, the interface is optimized to make it easier to use, more beautiful. New content is constantly being added for you to explore.

MOD APK version of Toomics

MOD feature

  • VIP Unlocked

With this version of us, everything the best is free. We have permanently unlocked VIP membership status, you do not need to pay any fee to maintain. You can experience the best benefits of Toomics VIP APK. Again, everything is completely free!

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Download app Toomics MOD APK at REDMOD.CO

Installation Instructions

  • Remove the original version of Toomics if you installed it on Google Play;
  • Grant permission to install apps from “Unknown sources” in your device’s settings, then download the APK file below;
  • Install the downloaded APK file on your device, give permission for the application to work;
  • The process is complete, you can open the application and start experiencing Toomics VIP.


Is Toomics MOD APK a malicious app?

Of course not. We have thoroughly checked the APK file of Toomics MOD application, it is safe for all your devices.

Does this app have adult content comics?

Toomics is one of the few reading apps with adult content. In it, there are many interesting love stories waiting for you to discover.

How to make ads not show when reading comics?

Advertising is a condition for this application to be maintained. However, you can register for a VIP account to support the developer, ads will no longer appear.

How do I update Toomics to the latest version?

Please visit REDMOD regularly to update the latest version of Toomics, as well as other applications and games.

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Download Toomics MOD APK latest version for Android

Let’s enjoy the most fascinating series with Toomics. Eye-catching colors, fast image loading every page turn, and more. Toomics’s comic book treasure is extremely large and diverse in genres. The publisher always updates the fastest attractive series to send to registered members. Do not hesitate to download and experience this amazing application quickly!

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