Floor Plan Creator v3.6.7 Mod APK (All Unlocked)

Last updated: 21/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.6.7
MOD Info:All Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.1+
Publisher:Marcin Lewandowski
Package:Google Play Link

Design a 3D house for your own house? Maybe this is something you have never thought of right? But in fact, anyone can do this quickly and easily. That is using a specialized software like Floor Plan Creator.

Introducing Floor Plan Creator

Not only you are working in the field of home design, interior decoration can make complete 3D floorplan designs. And even if you don’t know specialized home design software, with the help of Floor Plan Creator, you can create a simple 3D design image for your future home yourself. Things are not as difficult as you think when you have this application with you. Because it is a smart application with outstanding features, helping you to design a dream home.

What can you do with Floor Plan Creator?

  • In short, Floor Plan Creator is a 3D design application for houses. In more detail, the amount of work that Floor Plan Creator can undertake is no different from a residential design professional working for you. Specifically, detailed tasks include:
  • Make a general 3D layout for the whole house, or any space that needs to be rearranged;
  • Concretize detailed ideas in the project: how to divide each room, how many rooms above and below, how wide is the garden, what form is the porch on the side of the house?… ;
  • Support marking, arranging furniture and furniture in each room;
  • Optionally change the height, area, and position to adjust the balance and harmony of the details in the house until it is pleasing to the eye;

To make it easier to realize ideas into 3D images, especially for those of you who are working in this field, Floor Plan Creator provides a feature to support hand-drawing with S-pen, mouse or by touch. When needed, you can select this feature and connect to the above devices to start drawing more comfortably.

Large and diverse library

As mentioned above, one of the important features of Floor Plan Creator is to assist users in arranging furniture and furniture into each area of the building. So Floor Plan Creator has a rich library of detailed simulation objects in the house. Including doors, windows, electrical appliances, heating, furniture, beds, steps, roofs… These objects simulate the actual shape well and are proportional to the scale you are displaying. choose for your project. So the size when entering the 3D design is almost exactly the same as the actual object outside.

Automatically calculate basic numbers

Floor Plan Creator not only helps you to complete the 3D plan image for the house, but also is an ideal calculation and measurement tool for the entire project. Your task is to enter basic numbers such as the length, height, width, and depth of the house. Then from there customize to change the 3D layout design for each large and small partition.

Each time you drag the screen and make changes, the Floor Plan Creator will automatically recalculate the numbers corresponding to that change. Wherever you stop the floor plan, there are detailed dimensions included. For example, bedroom 1 area, how much perimeter. Or how long, wide, deep will the living room located on the ground floor be?

These precise numbers will allow you to visualize and calculate part of the cost of materials needed in the future construction process. At the same time, anticipate some situations where the prevention is too small, or too thin, or promptly correct the unreasonable layout divisions.

Auto save and sync

When the design is on the way to completion or even when it is finished, Floor Plan Creator helps users to automatically back up the application’s cloud data. This data is synced between devices using the same app account. From there, you can continue to share the design with other users or save it on your device in a variety of formats: PDF, DXF, SVG. These images are of good quality, clear, detailed with numbers and lines, when needed, you can print them out for reference.

Summary of main features

  • Your project with floors of any shape;
  • Automatically calculate all parameters such as room area, wall and level; perimeter; number of symbols;
  • S-Pen and mouse support for easier design;
  • 3D view gives you a closer look;
  • Symbol library: doors, windows, furniture, electrical, fire survey;
  • Easily define diameter gauges to display and modify distances and dimensions;
  • Cloud sync to automatically back up and share blueprints between devices. (Paid feature, 3-day free trial);
  • Allows editing of packages uploaded to the cloud on a computer or any device;
  • Publish designs in many image formats such as PDF, DXF, SVG,…
  • Option to print the design to scale;
  • Metric and British units are supported;
  • Supports Bosch (GLM 50c, 100c; 120c, PLR 30c, 40c, 50c), Hersch LEM 50, Hilti PD-I, Leica Disto, Mileseey, Stabila (LD 520, LD 250 BT), Suaoki and CEM iLDM-150 bluetooth laser meter.

New feature update

Latest Version: 3.5.6 (Updated on January 1, 2022)

  • Support for Leica X3, X4;
  • The buttons for the active element are moved to a separate toolbar;
  • Shortcut toolbar buttons can be enabled in settings;
  • Fix some fixed bugs.

MOD APK version of Floor Plan Creator

Features MOD

Unlocked All. Although Floor Plan Creator is free to download and use, it’s not all. While using it, you will discover that there are many great features but not free. You pay for each of those premium features. And of course, those are all great features that you would love to own. That’s why we bring the Floor Plan Creator MOD version for you. This version has unlocked all premium features. You do not need to register an account or spend any money to get them.

Download Floor Plan Creator MOD APK for Android

3D house plan design application, but Floor Plan Creator does not stop there. It also delves into calculating detailed figures accurately, simulating placing furniture into the building. This will be an effective right hand for you when designing a house there.

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