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Work easier and faster when you use CamScanner. This application allows you to edit text without having to retype it in Word. Along with that are many other interesting features.

Introduce about CamScanner

CamScanner is a scanning application capable of turning images into PDF documents. With just one touch, you have a PDF file to edit without having to re-enter the original document. Time saving, quick and convenient are the benefits that CamScanner gives you.

Thanks to those special features, CamScanner is loved by users all over the world. As you can see on Google Play, this app gets over 100 million downloads, along with over 3 million raiting. And of course, it’s also an “Editor’s Choice” app.

Mobile scanner

Many times, your phone captures text with cluttered objects. You can easily solve them with CamScanner. This app can remove those messy wallpapers. It then converts to sharp JPEG or PDF format, giving you a much clearer view of the text. In addition, it also has a lot of image processing modes, manual adjustment of image parameters.

With just your mobile phone, you can quickly turn paper documents into sharp electronic copies. This is something that you cannot do with your phone’s default camera. Because when the text capture is finished, you can align the corners and fix the background to create the best quality image.

Convert images to text

There are times when you need to enter text from content in pictures. The usual way that you still do it is to enter text manually. Surely this takes a lot of time, especially long text content. Therefore, CamScanner’s image-to-text tool was created.

With OCR feature intelligent text recognition, you can easily recognize text from images. Just upload an image containing text, the system will recognize and create text in the form of text. Then you have the option to copy or save. Documents and images, once scanned, can be converted to PDF / Word / Excel / JPG. After that, you still need to edit those formats.

In addition, you can also edit the text after exporting text in the image to Text. You can choose from features such as edit, copy, save, share, and support text recognition. This application can even translate for 41 languages worldwide. In particular, phones, tablets, and many other devices can view and manage documents at any time.

Wide popularity

Bringing too many useful uses, CamScanner is trusted by many countries around the world. Preliminary statistics show that there are several hundred million devices in use and several hundred thousand registration per day. The popularity spread to more than 200 countries, making it a leading application in the digital scanner field.

Optimizing speed and quality

Just place your phone’s camera on the subject, CamScanner will quickly scan and digitize all documents. Include photos, receipts, notes, invitations, contracts, report forms…. All will be saved as PDF for easy editing. Sensors integrated in CamScanner are capable of identifying and scanning very fast. Even complex documents are recognized quickly.

The quality of the scanned image is also paid much attention to by the publisher. The auto-boost system ensures sharp image quality with high resolution. This is also one of the important factors that help CamScanner be used by many people.

Convenient in many aspects

After the scan, the system also gives you a number of options, helping you to fix errors right on the device. In addition, several other customizations are made available to mark and categorize your documents.

The OCR For Search feature helps you find keywords easily and quickly. If you want to correct some error on the text, just search for the keyword, the screen will immediately show the text you are looking for.

Storage space is also important. The publisher will also give you 200MB of free storage. If you need more, you can sign up for a Premium plan with 10GB of storage so you can comfortably store images and texts.

Absolute security

If you have many important documents, you should password protect them. The purpose is to prevent others from seeing it, when you don’t want to. In addition, when sending links containing documents, you can also set permissions so that only certain people can see them. This is an important feature that helps you to both archive and protect important documents.


With this feature, you can work anywhere. CamScanner allows users to work on the website. Just go to and sign in to your account. Any information you have saved will be synchronized on it. You can start working even if you forget your phone. Just borrow any other person’s smartphone, tablet or computer, and you can get started.

New features have been updated

Latest Version: (Updated on October 14th)

Every time a new version is updated, CamScanner will be better perfected and bring a better experience for users. In the latest version, this application has added two more smart and convenient features. The first is the ability to organize and move photos within documents. You just need to press and hold on multiple photos to move them in the blink of an eye. And the other smart feature is automatic photography. When you take a photo to output to text, the camera automatically detects the edge of the paper and captures it. You won’t need to align too much to capture the page anymore.

CamScanner Premium Version

With this upgraded version, you will have more outstanding features. You only need to spend $ 4.99 per month to renew. Here are those premium features:

  • Add 10GB of storage, scan ID mode, read mode.
  • Add features collage 2 separate documents, remove ads and watermarks …
  • Automatically upload documents to third parties like Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, Baidu disk.
  • Support for electronic signatures (E-signature).
  • Automatically scan ID on printed paper, open a bank card, process credit cards …
  • Stores documents only locally and allows adding a password key
  • Add imprints in the background to documents to prevent illegal appropriation, theft …
  • Interpreter function: Translate identification results into more than 60+ languages, 1000 times per month for free
  • The subscription will renew automatically on the last day of the package, if you choose to cancel the renewal, the Premium plan will be canceled.

Sign up for a business account

If you own a business, then this is the account for you. For $ 6.99 a month (more than $ 2), you can unlock 3 additional perks. That is:

  • Share group folders
  • Group membership and privilege management
  • Manage access to documents

For $ 6.99 per month, you will own all the Premium features and 3 exclusive features mentioned above. With the characteristics of business activities, those are very convenient and reasonable features. You can easily share tasks and tasks with other employees. Access management makes it easier for you to protect your information.

MOD APK version of CamScanner

MOD feature

With the Premium package, there will be many levels of renewal such as 4.99 USD for 1 month and 49.9 USD for one year of use. But in this article, we want to send you the CamScanner Premium APK version. Unlock all offers of the Premium package and the special offer is completely free to use. Help you solve the cost issues to be able to comfortably experience a great application.

Câu hỏi thường gặp

Is CamScanner safe?

Users often worry that scanning documents will be stolen information. However, the publisher guarantees CamScanner will never save scanned images. And of course, there will be no customer document information transferred to the system. You can trust this app 100%.

Why did I download the trial and be charged afterwards?

Upon registration, it will indicate that it is an auto-renewal service. You can also view your trial subscription receipt in your Inbox. If you do not cancel during the trial period, it will be renewed automatically. Please cancel it from Google Play-Menu-Sign Up. For refunds, please send the GP order receipt (including order number) to the issuer at [email protected]

Will I lose my premium account when switching to a new phone?

If you purchased the CS license app via Google Play, the app will be listed as “purchased” on the program listing under “my apps” on Google Play and you can download and reinstall at ease. roof. Please rest assured that the publisher never charges twice for the same feature. Premium subscription and paid apps are designed for different groups of users

Reviews from users

Here are some reviews from users on Google Play:

“Absolutely the best document scanner. I downloaded a few other programs before CamScanner and now I use CamScanner ONLY for all my documents. I use it to create very mainstream eBooks. Using CamScanner is much faster than trying to use one of the book scanners on the market.The app allows you to take a snapshot of the page, the program automatically adjusts the angle and after then you can choose your filter disposition option. Highly recommend this app! “

“This app is great. It works perfectly and allows you to do quite a bit of work even with the free version. I can scan documents that are several hundred pages long if needed (such as to digitize a old notebook). It does not depend on the final pdf (except for a small watermark) and the image quality is very high (although naturally limited by your camera and lighting). “

“This app is really good, the pdf is not heavy, you have good filters and scan options. The ads are okay as it is a free app and not too annoying. I will definitely recommend it, thank you. Thank you. “

Download CamScanner MOD APK for Android

Become a smart worker with CamScanner, solve problems at a glance. This is an app that will earn your trust the first time you use it. Let’s download and experience it now!

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