Nova Launcher Prime v7.0.37 Mod APK (Prime Unlocked)

Last updated: 19/07/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:7.0.37
MOD Info:Prime Unlocked
Publisher:TeslaCoil Software
Package:Google Play Link

Nova Launcher Prime offers you a large and diverse collection of themes. You can freely choose themes like that to change the look of your phone. Below is the free APK file of this app, you can download it now.

Introduce about Nova Launcher Prime

Too boring with the default phone interface makes you always look for applications that change the new interface. But you still can’t find an application you like for many reasons. It may be that the application has not provided you with a satisfactory interface, or the application is too heavy, causing your computer to be slower when applying that interface. But today, you’ll find what you need with Nova Launcher Prime. This is an application that changes the theme and, importantly, is extremely lightweight.

Nova Launcher Prime is released by developer TeslaCoil Software. In addition to the Prime version, the developer also has a free version of Nova Launcher. Of course, the free version will not have the premium features in the Prime version. Depending on your needs, you choose the right version to use.

Accordingly, the Prime version is on sale on Google Play for $ 4.99. This price may vary depending on the region being released. Although the price is quite high, but the Nova Launcher Prime app is still trusted by a lot of people. Specifically, it has received millions of purchases from Google Play. Along with that is nearly 400 thousand active raiting. Average user star rating for it is 4.7 stars.

Richer for your phone

Nova Launcher Prime offers you a vast collection of themes for you to choose freely. Refresh your phone with the theme of superheroes in Marvel or famous cartoon characters. Also you can choose themes with colorful animations or icons that can move. Thereby helping your phone more sparkling and looking at others will feel excited.

Easy to use

You can open the custom menu with only 2 consecutive touches on the screen. For devices with too many apps in your device, you can use Nova Launcher Prime to organize them neatly and neatly. You can organize apps by category, by category, or as you like. Your phone will look cleaner and more convenient to find applications.

Also you can customize the application icon size. Optionally zoom in and out to fit the screen space, creating a tidy feeling. Unnecessary applications can hide from the screen without having to uninstall. Scrolling effect creates smoother feeling when switching between application tabs. Moreover, you can copy customizations for more convenience when you change your new phone.

Dark Mode

Another interesting point of this application is the Dark Mode interface. Like in other applications, this mode changes the background to black and text to white. The purpose of this feature is to keep your eyes unaffected when using it at night. Because white light at night will make your eyes dazzle and tired. And also a lot of users like this “dark” style. They want to use this mode all the time, regardless of night or day

In this mode, you can also set how dark the interface is to match the outside lighting conditions. Or you can set a specific time to turn the device’s night mode on and off.

In addition, the night mode on Nova Launcher has another very unique feature. That is the user can use the location to set the time to turn on and off this mode. When you provide your location, the system will automatically update sunrise and sunset times to turn night mode on or off. With this smart feature, you don’t have to waste time opening or turning Dark Mode off. Everything is completely automatic, saving you time.

Use two apps in one

This is a feature that allows you to use two apps together. On the home screen, you can pair two apps together with just one icon. For example, you can pair your device’s default Music app with Spotify. To open the default Music app, just tap its icon. When you touch the icon and drag it upwards, Spotify will be opened.

Or you can also use this feature for Facebook and Messengers. With this feature, you easily access the related applications you selected in conjunction with each other. You can choose any application, as long as you feel comfortable putting them together.

Data backup

Data backup is required for each mobile application. And Nova Launcher Prime too, it always ensures you about data safety. Once you’ve created your own like interface, you can back it up on the storage system. This allows you to use the entire design for other phones or when you change to a new phone.

You can easily back up your settings to different storage tools for use when needed. Here, Dropbox or Google Drive is the top choice for you. Google Drive is the most popular data backup tool today. We recommend you to choose this tool to easily backup data from Nova Launcher Prime.

A few drawbacks

As such a great tool, Nova Launcher Prime is unavoidable with some limitations. The first is the unstable operation on low configuration devices. Therefore, those devices are often jerky and laggy. Followed by the price, this app sells for a pretty high price of $ 4.99. At this price, many users are ineligible for Nova Launcher Prime. But sometimes, the publisher has a sale for their users. The price is reduced depending on the time.

APK (Paid) version of Nova Launcher Prime

You will have to pay to use Nova Launcher Prime. In Google play, it will cost you $ 4.99 to download and install. This is not a cheap price for many people. But today we want to send you the Nova Launcher Prime APK, you can download and install completely free. In addition, in this version, we have removed the annoying ads, so you can enjoy the experience.

Download Nova Launcher Prime APK (Paid) for Android

Nova Launcher Prime makes your cute phone more unique. You will no longer have to look at the default and lacking color interface. Download and install to experience the diverse and eye-catching theme store of Nova Launcher Prime in the link below.

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