Hex Installer APK v9.0 PLUS_BETA (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 01/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:9.0 PLUS_BETA
MOD Info:APK Original
Publisher:SatySatsZB & envy
Package:Google Play Link

Hex Installer APK is a utility application that allows you to refresh your Android device with a lot of different themes and fonts. From there you will have a completely new experience on your familiar phone.

About Hex Installer

This app has just been released yesterday by SatySatsZB & envy. However, it’s not free, it sells for $ 1.99 via Google Play. This is not a great price for such a great application, surely you will be pleased with what the Hex Installer gives you. In this article, we will introduce the highlights of this application and provide the free download of the Hex Installer APK link for you.

Refresh your phone with the Hex Installer

Your phone doesn’t stand out from other phones, because it’s all produced by a developer, specifically on Samsung phones. Why don’t you refresh it to make a difference? Try using the Hex Installer, you will enjoy the novelty and unique that it gives your phone. It allows you to customize a variety of things, from themes, fonts, font sizes, to theme colors. You can easily change the layout and theme at your own discretion, color schemes yourself to create accents for the phone.

This application is designed to be very intuitive and easy to observe, you can easily get used to it and use. After each change of theme or font to your liking, your phone needs to reboot to update the changes you make.

Main function

Hex Installer Apk brings you a bunch of great features. That’s not just an introduction, we tried this application on many different Samsung devices, it works very well and without any errors. And the following will be the features that we see after experiencing and learning in many different forums that users have evaluated.

  • Experience 60 different theme applications for Samsung devices
  • Adjust the font yourself in many different styles, sizes and colors
  • You can install other applications or third-party applications
  • You have 16 different colors to match your themes, the possibilities of color combinations are endless for you to be creative.
  • There are some adjustments for One UI.
  • You can use third-party Plug-ins according to your needs
  • Compatible with Goodlock
  • Night mode helps you use it safely, without harming your eyes
  • Easy to use on any device, rooted or not rooted, just download and install
  • Experience pleasant because there are no ads that bother you
  • Cheap with only $ 1.99 for a variety of great features

Download Hex Installer APK for Android

This is really a convenient application that you should not miss to change the experience on your Android phone. It does not require you to root the device to use, if you have rooted the device before, you can still use it easily. What are you waiting for without downloading the Hex Installer to refresh your phone!

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