Aloha Browser v5.9.2 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 25/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:5.9.2
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 6.0+
Publisher:Aloha Mobile
Package:Google Play Link

Aloha Browser MOD APK is the most economical choice when you use web browser. Data saving, high loading speed and perfect interface will enhance your experience of a smart, modern browser.

Introducing Aloha Browser

Google Chrome is not only popular on computers, it is also installed by default in many phones today. But it has the disadvantage that it consumes internet data if you are not connected to Wifi. Therefore, if you often have to work outside, find a more optimal browser. Aloha Browser is a pretty good option for you to try. It is a fast, free, full-featured web browser that offers maximum privacy and security.

Free VPN

VPN – Virtual Private Network is a virtual network technology that makes users more secure when accessing public networks. Large, educational institutions often use VPNs to secure information and allow users to connect remotely. It is run by a service provider and you have to pay to use it. However, Aloha Browser is completely free for its users. You just need to tap the small icon in the corner of the screen to turn the VPN on and off. There is no need to pay a monthly fee and you can still use a VPN comfortably.

Privacy and security

You have the right not to save your activity history when browsing the web with Aloha Browser. It will not record any logs and will not share it with anyone. Even files that you download from the browser do not save the path. Therefore, you can comfortably operate without worry. The privacy that Aloha Browser gives you is also in the interface. It allows you to freely set the main interface layout to your liking. Prioritize the apps you use often so you don’t have to search for logins later.

Aloha Browser completely secures your information. Not only does it delete all activity, it also doesn’t allow others to track you. Even the smallest anomalous access is enough for it to detect. Immediately, a screen will appear and prevent unusual intrusions from other servers and it will quickly notify your phone. It works even if you are not logged in to the browser, offline. Thanks to that, it will protect your information wherever you are.

No ads

Aloha Browser does not attach ads, no interference from third parties. Therefore, I believe that you will always feel comfortable when browsing the web with this browser. In an age of ubiquitous commerce, you’ll find very few apps that refuse to advertise. Advertising brings a huge economic source for publishers to maintain the application. But to enhance the user experience, Aloha Browser will always be free and so will be.

Not only refuses to attach ads, Aloha Browser also blocks ads from online websites. Especially on websites that watch movies, watch football or listen to music, you can see ads appearing everywhere. This application acts as an Ad Block on the computer, it will block all ads from appearing on the screen. This feature is built-in to the application, so you do not need to download another ad blocker extension.

Private Repository

The security of Aloha Browser is even more advanced than you can imagine. It allows you to create a hidden archive. It will be encrypted with a passcode or fingerprint. Therefore, this is an archive that only you can view. This feature is extremely suitable for you to save important information. No need to worry about being discovered by others, because it is extremely secure.

Use VR live

Aloha Browser is the few browsers that support 360 and VR video viewing. You do not need to go through any device or application, just experience it directly on the application. You can download videos, the quality is always guaranteed and extremely smooth. When virtual reality glasses technology is more and more modern and popular, this app is more and more appreciated thanks to this powerful feature. I also really like watching virtual reality movies, so I chose Aloha Browser as my default browser.

MOD APK version of Aloha Browser

MOD feartures

  • Premium Unlocked

Download Aloha Browser MOD APK latest version for Android

Extremely impressive, Aloha Browser always brings huge surprises. Users will always have the most comfortable experience when operating with the browser. Although small, it is not inferior to any similar application. Smart features, convenient and simple interface, this app can confidently make you change your default browser. Moreover, it is completely free and suitable for all types of users.

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