TubeMate v3.3.4 Mod APK (No Ads)

Last updated: 23/09/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:3.3.4
MOD Info:No Ads
Publisher:Devian Studio
Package:Google Play Link

TubeMate has the ability to help you download YouTube videos to your computer quickly. So you can watch your favorite shows anywhere even offline. Free and simple to use, take advantage of it! You can download our TubeMate MOD APK version to not be bothered by ads.

Not only Youtube, you can download videos on any online forum with SnapTube.

Introduce about TubeMate

Youtube is the most famous online video watch site in the world. The above contains a lot of good, famous and interesting videos. You are also a loyal fan of Youtube, you watch them wherever you are. But it’s a hassle to not always have an internet connection to watch. Watching videos offline also matters because there are formats that your computer cannot save, which makes it difficult to download. But with TubeMate, everything is so easy! Let’s find out what this app is all about.

Download and view offline easily

For those of you who often work in an area where there is no internet or a bad internet connection, watching videos offline is indispensable. You can entertain and relax after stressful working hours. But your favorite programs are hard to download. It may be because YouTube does not support, copyright or video format. But with TubeMate, it will convert the video format to be compatible with your device. TubeMate is currently compatible with most smartphones. Watching videos offline will be convenient for watching online due to the fear of interruption, lag or disconnection.

Optimize download speed

A significant plus point in TubeMate is the video download speed. The application is equipped with a fast download option, which accelerates file download speeds. More importantly, you can download multiple videos at the same time without interrupting the previously downloaded videos. This is a great factor to save you time downloading your favorite playlists. For videos that have interrupted the download process, the system will automatically stop until you click on restore to continue the process.

Download video quality

The problem that users worry about is the quality of downloaded videos. Is it clear? Is the quality preserved compared to the original version? We have tested and downloaded countless different videos. Unexpectedly, TubeMate is capable of downloading videos in HD quality. Some videos are even better quality than the original version. In addition, downloaded videos can also customize the playback speed, fast forward … just like when you watch online.

Downloading HD videos also has some limitations on forums other than Youtube. Especially Facebook, they stopped supporting HD video on mobile web. As a result, HD downloads have also stopped working. It also causes problems automatically opening download options. The publisher fixed the issue and also fixed some cases where the video download button could not be added. Hopefully Facebook will support HD video again in the future!


You can also share your favorite video list on popular social networking sites. With just a few taps, you can enjoy the best videos with your friends and family. In that list, your friends can see it all at once. Therefore, it is easy for them to fully enjoy the videos that you feel good.

User interface

TubeMate has an extremely simple interface, smart and convenient design. You can easily understand all its features with just the first use. Indeed! The categories are clearly divided, the video download frame is also very easy to access and use. In particular, you can see TubeMate as a clone of the youtube mobile app. It doesn’t differ too much and just adds download functionality. Obviously everyone has used youtube, so accessing and using this application is not too difficult.

Is TubeMate safe?

This application is not a Google product, so a lot of users are worried when using it. They are afraid that this application will come with viruses that harm their phones. However, we can guarantee the safety of this application. We have tested and censored thoroughly in many ways. The results show that the application is extremely safe, non-toxic and does no harm to your phone. Therefore, you can safely use it.

What’s new in the latest version of TubeMate?

The publisher always listens to users’ comments about this application. Therefore, the modifications are constantly being updated to provide the best experience. Here are some updates with the latest version:

  • Supports encrypted HLS downloads (some video sites like ifsp. tv);
  • Support opening copied URL directly via notification (for Android 10 and above);
  • Additional fix for dark theme issue

If you have any problems while using it, please give feedback to the publisher. They will quickly solve your problem in the shortest time.

MOD APK version of TubeMate

MOD feature

  • No Ads

TubeMate Mod APK is no different from the free version above. But here, we have removed the ads inserted in the application thoroughly. Therefore you will not have trouble during use by annoying ads.

Installation Instructions

  • Enable “Unknown Sources” feature in your phone settings. Because this app is not from Google, your device cannot scan. Therefore, you need to enable this feature to be able to install;
  • Download the APK file below our article;
  • Click on the downloaded file and select “Install”;
  • Once the process is complete, you can start experiencing the ad-free version of TubeMate.

Reviews from users

To have a better overview of this application, you can refer to the reviews from previous users. They are the people who directly experience it, so they will have the most accurate and objective assessments.

“Awesome! Too many videos I wanted to download but couldn’t because youtube didn’t allow it. I found out about TubeMate by accident and all my troubles quickly disappeared. I can download any video I like. No need. worry about download restrictions or anything else!”

“Youtube is a great forum because there are a lot of good and interesting videos. The only downside is that it’s difficult to download, even some videos can’t be downloaded. I also understand there are copyright reasons but it’s very inconvenient if I want to watch it offline. So TubeMate is my savior. Now I can quickly download any video I want quickly.”

“It’s hard to believe that the quality of videos downloaded from this application can reach HD. I even feel the quality is better than the original version. That’s one of the reasons I love it so much. Love this app. It’s convenient, smart, and incredibly high-quality.”

“The new updates have significantly fixed the issues I’ve had. It’s the enthusiasm from the publisher that users like me want to see. They work quickly and extremely efficiently. As for this app, it’s awesome!”

“I am really surprised with what this application brings. Not only can I download videos on Youtube, I can also download them on other social networking sites. But there is a problem with the download speed is quite slow. I also think it may be due to a strong connection, but I still use other browsers just fine, so if the publisher can fix this, that would be great!”

Download TubeMate MOD APK for Android

Interesting videos make you more comfortable and happier after stressful working hours. Therefore, TubeMate was released with the purpose of helping you download all your favorite videos. Thereby helping you can watch videos anywhere, anytime. Download and install TubeMate Mod APK in the link below.

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