Hibernator v2.30.3 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 08/12/2022 (10 months ago)

Latest Version:2.30.3
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

Hibernator MOD APK is an application that closes everything when the screen is off, helping mobile phone devices “hibernate” – save battery. This is a great application that optimizes all operations on your phone.

Introducing Hibernator: Hibernate apps

Hibernator is a hibernation and battery saver application. This app is an active phone power optimization tool. Customers will have an unhappy experience when using the phone that hangs, lags, jerks. However, all of the above problems are thoroughly and quickly resolved with Hibernator. With the Hibernator application, with just a few simple steps, the phone is more sensitive than ever.

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Steps for high efficiency Hibernator application

The Hibernator app always follows the right process to keep your phone running smoothly. Hibernator will solve it quickly with just a few simple steps below.

Close all apps when the phone is off

The first reason why the phone is running slow is because the applications were not closed before. After using it, the user does not exit the application, but proceeds to turn off the phone screen. Then the application just used will not be completely exited and will still continue to run. If the phone has to run too many applications at once, it will freeze.

The next time you use your phone, it will take a while for your phone to process your gestures. Users  feel the slowness, lag of the device. This application will help to close all previously opened applications when the phone screen is off.

Stop all live running apps

When using many applications directly, the phone has to operate for a long time, leading to slow performance. When this happens, the best solution is to temporarily stop using all apps.

This allows the phone to rest to release energy, then resume use. The Hibernator app makes it simpler for your phone to do this.

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Close all background apps that directly affect the phone

Apps that don’t shut down completely after use consume the phone’s temporary memory. Overload will occur on your phone when many applications run at the same time. Try activating the feature to close all applications running in the background. A few minutes later your phone is working normally.

Support from user application to system application

In addition, some applications from users will be the main cause of slow phone. Next, Hibernator will assist you with the app release activity.

What’s more, the Hibernator app can access system apps in your phone. From there this application can perform tasks to make the phone work smoother.

Built-in widget for easy operation

Every time the user needs to use the application’s service, he will have to access it. This brings great inconvenience to users. Then your phone is overloaded with energy that needs to be released immediately. If you want to use it, the user will return to the main screen, manipulating the widget will be handy. Widgets are integrated on the main screen you work easily.

In today’s market, smartphones are getting more and more intelligent. A phone that is packed with built-in features to use. However, it comes with its own inconveniences. With the Hibernator application, users can let the application run in the background, turn off the application when the screen is off.

Utility of the Hibernator . application

The purpose of this application is to improve the performance of your phone. In addition, Hibernator also helps to reduce unnecessary battery drain. The working mechanism of the application is to automatically or force close the application when the screen is off. Thereby will increase these 6 elements of the device:

  • Phone booster: allows users to speed up their phone when there are signs of slow running due to many applications running in the background.
  • Free up memory: end all tasks and processes, clean up RAM. Virus handling to make the device smoother and more efficient.
  • Save battery, applications that do not work in the background of the phone’s battery are also not drained.
  • Speed ​​up the loading time of the phone. Closing the application helps to cool down the phone temperature, reducing CPU usage.
  • Make space for new apps: By freeing up RAM on the app shutdown mechanism. The resulting Hibernator creates more space for more apps that you need to download later.
  • All operations on the phone are not too much to cause inconvenience and difficulties. Anyone needs this app because of its powerful cleaning capabilities.

In some special cases, it also acts as an accessibility application. This is considered a great automated solution for users with disabilities. They have physical difficulties, difficulty interacting with the screen, the app will act as an accessibility help for them. When performing many tasks such as closing discrete applications at the same time, it can be solved.

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MOD APK version of Hibernator

MOD features

Premium Unlocked

Hibernator Premium application is improved with many new convenient functions. MOD APK version of will bring experiences with advanced features such as:

  • Remove APP and ads Libs, services
  • AOSP compatible, absolute privacy guarantee
  • Automatically close all apps when the screen is off
  • Power boost feature when there are background apps running
  • Works offline

Download Hibernator MOD APK latest version for Android

Hibernator is a tool that supports outstanding features of anti-lag, battery-saving shock for phones. Installing this application for your machine helps to increase the durability and life of the internal system. With this great feature not to be missed, download Hibernator now for your mobile phone to experience this exciting thing.

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