BlockerX v4.9.46 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 15/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:4.9.46
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 6.0+
Publisher:Atmana, Inc.
Package:Google Play Link

BlockerX MOD APK is an application that blocks ads and pop-ups while using the application. The application helps to prevent malware and viruses from entering through these channels.

About BlockerX: Block Websites & App

BlockerX is a new application, the publisher claims that the application blocks ads, spam and other annoying factors. This app has mixed reviews. Some people find the app useful while others find it useless. Let’s explore this application to review its features through the following article.

Conditions to download BlockerX on Android devices

To download BlockerX, Android users’ devices must have version 6.0 or higher. The application needs to provide some permissions to block ads and spam. In order for the application to be up to date and working properly, we need a Wifi or mobile data connection. Currently, the application attracts a lot of users by its useful features.

Basic Features

BlockerX is an application that allows you to block dark and pornographic websites on your Android device. Just by logging in, you can block any website with harmful, objectionable content. This app is especially useful for those under the age of majority.

When you install the app, all dark web sites are blocked. So you can use the internet without worrying about websites with adult content. Sometimes, pornographic content may appear on popular applications such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram… BlockerX will help you to solve this problem. With just a few small taps, you can control the content without spending much time.

Protect children with BlockerX

BlockerX is a great app for parents to keep an eye on their kids. Kids use computers all day and accessing any website is dangerous. The contents on the computer will appear out of control. Children may be exposed to violent or sexually explicit content.

Therefore, parents should install BlockerX on their children’s phones and set up controls. The app provides many options for parents. Parents can limit the time their kids spend on their devices and the websites they visit.

Features to prevent uninstalling applications

BlockerX has a very useful feature called “Prevent uninstallation”. With other applications, we only need a few taps to delete them. However, with BlockerX, we can set a password to prevent this. Children will not be able to remove the app without parental consent. Because sometimes, they incredibly uninstall your important apps without even realizing it. But thanks to this app, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Thanks to that, the children can still use the phone and still be under the control of their parents. Any malicious content will be blocked by BlockerX. They will also feel more comfortable instead of being banned from using electronic devices.

How to use BlockerX for individuals

If you want to block harmful websites, you can use BlockerX with a few simple steps. First, you need to install the application and set the Self mode. Next, we need to create an account and agree to the terms of use. When you start, you need to add keywords that you want to block about content that is harmful or inappropriate for children. When you accidentally open an app you blocked, just press the Back button to get back to safety.

Besides, this application also has device support through google account. When using, the application needs to be connected to the network, weak network will affect the operation of the software. It is a practical application for both adults and children.

MOD APK version of BlockerX

MOD features

Premium Unlocked

The Premium version of BlockerX will help you experience all the features of the application. In addition to blocking ads and pop-ups, this version also has other features such as:

  • Pre-installed Plugin for Browser
  • Increase Internet speed. The app will maximize the connection speed and stay fast all day long. Users don’t have to worry about any annoying ads slowing down the system.
  • Check the links before downloading.
  • Trusted security with ad blocking and internet protection for your device.
  • No worries about viruses or malware damaging your device

Download BlockerX MOD APK latest version for Android 

With BlockerX, you can use the internet safely. This application protects both children and adults from harmful content on the internet. More specifically, the BlockerX MOD version can be downloaded for free with a super light capacity. Download BlockerX MOD APK now to ensure your experience is not affected by ads and bad content.

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