Angry Birds Friend v12.3.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Boosters)

Last updated: 20/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:12.3.0
MOD Info:Unlimited Boosters
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Package:Google Play Link

Angry Birds Friend MOD APK is a fighting version of the Angry Birds game series. Compete against thousands of players every week for the most prestigious rewards for your traditional room!

Introducing Angry Birds Friend

The Angry Birds game series is certainly not too strange to players around the world. It is a popular game series on all platforms. Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand when it has so many different versions and variations. I have also introduced many other versions in this series such as Angry Birds Journey, Angry Birds Classic or Rovio Classics: Angry Birds. Each version has its own unique content. But the gameplay hasn’t changed, nor does Angry Birds Friend. Does this version have anything more unique or not? Let’s find out with us now!


The birds are extremely happy with their current life. Suddenly, Chef Pig and King Pig teamed up to harm them. They send a bunch of fat pigs and steal their precious eggs. When discovered, they create complex terrain and hide. You will help the birds find the eggs again. Follow the trail of the hot air balloon, which the pigs used to carry the eggs, and you will find their lair. However, along the way you will encounter countless challenges with the pitfalls they create. Can you successfully bring the egg back?

Pull the rope and shoot

Although through many versions, the gameplay of this series has remained unchanged. With the slingshot, the birds will sit up and launch to the necessary targets. You just need to pull the rope, angle and release so they can fly to attack the enemy. When shooting, you need to pay much attention to terrain factors and wind speed. Each match has a limit of shots, so you need to endure each turn. Wind direction and wind speed will sometimes help you hit targets in difficult positions.

Overall, the gameplay of this game is quite simple. You just need to have an accurate calculation and estimation ability. Besides, logical thinking about geometry is also a very important factor for you. How many coordinates, except for the wind direction, more or less force? A lot of questions need you to answer in a few tens of seconds to be able to shoot correctly. Try to memorize your familiar shooting angles to save calculation time. Once you have a familiar shooting angle, what you need to do is base force and calculate the wind.

24 levels play every week

You will never run out of challenges to play. 24 new levels added every week for you to pass. The challenge in this game lies mainly in the terrain. These fat big guys are getting more and more sophisticated, they arrange obstacles like sturdy wooden crates to act as barricades. They will stand behind so you can’t hit them. The higher the level, the more monstrous ideas they have to make you difficult. But I believe that no level of play can make it difficult for a player’s talent.

Online game mode

In the Angry Birds Friend version, you can play online with friends or other players. The publisher creates new competitive tournaments that start every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. There, everyone will compete their shooting skills with many different rules. Challenge every player, win so you can climb to higher leagues. The tournaments are divided according to the player’s level, so the gifts are also different. You can both compete and win gifts to unlock more items in the store.

The tournaments in this game are also not fixed according to any rules. Every week the publisher will change the rules of the game to create variety. Each player has a unique knack so this change means creating opportunities for everyone. Some are strong in aiming, some are strong in tactical calculations. Therefore, you should follow the tournament regularly to see which rules suit your ability best.

MOD APK version of Angry Birds Friend

MOD features

  • Unlimited Boosters : Boosters do not decrease as you use them.

Download Angry Birds Friend MOD APK latest version for Android

Through many versions, Angry Birds Friend is the place where you can stop. It really helps you have a comfortable leisure time. You can also beat other players, beat your friends in exciting online game modes. New game levels are constantly being updated every day. So you’ll always have new content to experience. If you love cute angry birds, download this game to your phone right now and play!

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