AOA: Always on Display v5.9.8 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 01/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:5.9.8
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Publisher:newGen Mobile
Package:Google Play Link

Download AOA: Always on Display MOD APK to show AMOLED screen for your device. This is an application that supports devices that have not integrated AMOLED screens in the device. Highlight your device, try it now!

Introduce about AOA: Always on Display

One very interesting function in the phone is the AMOLED display. However, not all models have that feature. This feature keeps all notifications and the clock displayed on the black screen. You can keep your notifications and see the time without having to light up the screen. This will save a lot of battery usage and also very convenient.

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Applications should be included in each device

Convenience and an undisputed factor for AOA: Always on Display. You can check notifications, messages or see the time just by looking. Although the screen is always displayed, but in black screen state, it will consume extremely little battery capacity. If you’re talking to someone and holding your phone, check the time or check the text message, it will be annoying for the other person. Instead, with AOA: Always on Display you just need to look through the phone, you can grasp all the information. AOA: Always on Display is really convenient and worth using.

Main feature

  • Change font, style and color displayed on ONLED background according to your preference
  • The screen is always in night mode
  • Automatically manage, preserve and save battery power
  • Pocket mode keeps the screen locked when in the pocket
  • Set screen orientation
  • And many other great features are waiting for you to explore and experience.
Always on AMOLED APK 444x817


Setting up AOA: Always on Display on your phone is simple. After downloading AOA: Always on Display to your device, open the app and start setting up. First, you need to give access to the system to receive the messages from the machine and display it on the screen. Then leave the application source code always visible to maintain the AMONLED state. This application is very light so you don’t have to worry about it consuming a lot of battery while maintaining it.

Always on AMOLED MOD 444x817


Since the application is in beta, there are still some shortcomings. Some bugs still exist and some features are missing. The publisher announced it will be perfect as soon as possible for you to experience the most comfortable.

MOD APK version of AOA: Always on Display

The app also has a more advanced upgrade package, the Pro package. With this pack, you will experience a wide variety of publisher exclusive fonts. In addition, you also get some eye-catching clock styles and display more weather information. Ads will also be removed so as not to affect usage. However, this is a paid version, you will lose a small fee to maintain every month. But with AOA: Always on Display Pro APK version everything is now completely free. You just need to download and install the free file below, our Pro package has been permanently unlocked.

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Download Always on AMOLED MOD APK at

Download AOA: Always on Display MOD APK for Android

A really convenient and smart application. AOA: Always on Display has reached more than 10 million downloads and numerous positive reviews on Google Play. The application will confidently satisfy every most demanding user. Click on the link below to proceed with the download.

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