Airport Security v2.0.2 Mod APK (Free Gifts, No Ads)

Last updated: 28/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.0.2
MOD Info:Free Gifts, No Ads
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Kwalee Ltd
Package:Google Play Link

Coming to the game Airport Security, you will experience an interesting gameplay like no other game. An extremely simple gameplay, but can be addictive to any player.

Introducing Airport Security

Kwalee Ltd is the developer that released the game Airport Security. They are also a well known developer all over the world. Their products are entertaining, simple but extremely addictive. And Airport Security continues to be such a style game. You will experience a simulated gameplay of security staff at the airport.

Become a security officer at the airport

As you often see, every time you go to the airport, you often have to check your belongings in your luggage and on your body. That is extremely important, to ensure the safety of each flight. So have you ever wondered how the security staff at the airport worked in detail? Coming to the game Airport Security, you will be playing the role of a security officer at an international airport.

But in the game, the unstable passengers only bring wacky jokes, not the elements of danger or terrorism on flights. And you need to detect those pranks, or stop their crazy plans, which are not allowed at the airport. Complete the important tasks of the security staff, prevent any unusual plans and ensure the absolute safety of other guests at the airport!

Quest System

Your task in this game is to ensure the safety of the airport and the flights that are about to take off. Every guest needs to be thoroughly screened before boarding, or leaving the airport. There are two types of customers to check. It’s customers coming to your city, with the risk of smuggled goods into the city. And the second is the passengers preparing to board the plane to leave the city.

Every day, you are given various tasks to complete. Each mission has different scenarios. Of course, if the mission fails, you just have to play the game again and there is no terror or killing here. You can use tools such as X-ray machines, flashlights, scanners for unusual objects, … to find people who are unstable.

Thoroughly check all passengers passing through your checkpoint. For example, the belongings of passengers, even the inside of their shoes. Or in the luggage they carry can hide prohibited goods, dangerous weapons. And you need to check the details on the passport, compare it with the plane ticket to make sure there is no impostor on the flight.

Interesting scenarios

Each mission in the game is a different scenario. For example, smugglers are trying to find a way to bring contraband into your city. Of course, you need to prevent that before they reach their goal. Or the crazy people want to bring weapons on the plane, you have to kick them out and hand them over to the police. Sometimes, people even use fake passports to fly illegally.

There are also criminals who sneak into the plane, threatening the passengers. You must find and control them, ensuring peace of mind for passengers on the flight. Or wanted criminals trying to escape by going to another country. All in all, there are many different scenarios waiting for you to explore.

MOD APK version of Airport Security

MOD features

  • Remove Ads. Many players appreciate the exciting gameplay of this game. However, there are also many underrated games because of advertising. Developers insert too many ads into the game, making players feel uncomfortable and annoying. After each mission, you will see quite long ads appear. Therefore, our Airport Security MOD APK has removed all ads that appear in the game. Thanks to that, you can comfortably play the game without being disturbed.
  • Free Gifts. The game features viewing ads to receive gifts or rewards. But those ads have been removed, you can get free gifts and rewards without watching ads.

Download Airport Security MOD APK latest for Android

It can be seen that the gameplay of Airport Security game is quite simple, nothing special. But when playing the game, you will definitely be addicted to this interesting gameplay. If you do not believe, download the game Airport Security now to try!

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