1Tap Cleaner Pro v4.56 Mod APK (Patched/Optimized)

Last updated: 04/12/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:4.56
MOD Info:Patched/Optimized
Publisher:Sam Lu
Package:Google Play Link

1Tap Cleaner Pro MOD APK is an application that supports clearing memory data to improve phone usage experience. With just one touch, users can clean their devices cleanly.

Introducing 1Tap Cleaner Pro

1Tap Cleaner Pro can clear all cache, search history, call log, clear default. The device will be freed up space easily with just one touch from the user. It brings a lot of great features to your device.

Main features in the app

Clear cache with just 1 touch

As the name suggests, the cache data is now cleared easily. Cache of applications will often slow down the device, the process of using the device or lag. Clearing the cache will help the device operate stably, accessing websites more smoothly. The app can clear the entire cache of all apps in just one tap. Therefore, you no longer have to clear the cache on each app.

Rate and remove app defaults

Applications in the device will be analyzed and ranked by 1Tap Cleaner Pro based on capacity. From there, users can determine which applications are taking up the most space on the device. 1Tap Cleaner Pro will delete all default settings of the listed apps.

Clear cache and history for specific apps

Besides the full delete feature, the application also provides the ability to delete specific applications. Some applications need cache to work properly like web browsers, social networks, etc. However, cache, browsing history can still be cleared easily. The user can delete the history, of the specified web translator, but not all.

Delete call and message history

Calls, text messages can be the secret of each person. Therefore, call and text history are both things that need to be highly secure. 1Tap Cleaner Pro application provides the feature to delete the entire message and call history. Any deleted data is secure and cannot be recovered. Therefore users can trust this feature to be able to delete history quickly.

Excessive cache notification

This feature will notify users of applications with too high cache. The message will suggest the user to clear the cache to make space for the application’s memory. Too much cache will cause the device to lag and slow down. So users need to check notifications regularly and clear the cache of the notified apps.

Show widgets

Widgets appear on the screen to help users manipulate the functions of the application faster. With available sizes, users can cleverly arrange to create a beautiful home screen. Widget helps users to continuously update the cache status of applications at all times. From there you can adjust and clear the cache in time to avoid causing lag.

Sort apps

1Tap Cleaner Pro can sort apps by multiple criteria. Applications can be sorted by cache, from which users can determine which applications have high cache. Or simply the application can sort alphabetically. Users who have a hobby of downloading apps with full alphabets will definitely need this feature.

App can also statistics applications by capacity. Sorting by capacity helps users identify which applications are taking up the most memory. From there, users can determine which apps should be removed and which should be kept.

Uninstall other apps

The application provides the ability to delete applications right in 1Tap Cleaner Pro. After rating the capacity of applications, users can delete applications right in the ranking. Deleting the application quickly saves the user’s time effectively.

Show application details

Users can view detailed application parameters through 1Tap Cleaner Pro. Through just one application, users can capture all the details of other applications. The applications will give users the version, developer, date of installation on the device, …

User-friendly interface

1Tap Cleaner Pro has a friendly interface that is easy to use by anyone. The application only owns the features and information to the reader. Therefore, using the application is very easy. New users can use the features quickly. Just tinkering for a short time, users can use all the features of 1Tap Cleaner Pro.

MOD APK version of 1Tap Cleaner Pro 

MOD features

  • Patched/Optimised

Download 1Tap Cleaner Pro MOD APK latest version for Android

1Tap Cleaner Pro is currently a data cleaning application trusted by millions of users. App makes cleaning, clearing cache easy, helping to free up device space effectively. Besides, the application can remove default settings to help you have a better experience. Download the 1Tap Cleaner Pro app to discover its amazing features today.

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