GFX Tool v1.4.9 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 26/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.4.9
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.1+
Package:Google Play Link

Optimizing the graphics will definitely make you play the game smoother! But how to optimize it? You just need to download GFX Tool MOD APK to your device right now to help you complete it in a snap.

Introducing GFX Tool

Modern games often have extremely strong and quality graphics. But not all phones can load such large graphics. Therefore, the introduction of graphics optimization tools helps you to experience every game smoothly. In addition to Pro Graphics Toolkit, today we will introduce you to another equally powerful tool, which is GFX Tool. Enjoy the game faster, increase your experience with your favorite games!

How GFX Tool works

Why can GFX Tool optimize the graphics of a game? When you open the application, it will access the game’s system and act on it. It will help you to adjust the graphics quality from the source code of the game. You can almost tweak the entire graphics to fit your device. In addition to the default customizations that the publisher provides in the game, you cannot further affect the graphics without the GFX Tool to support access.

Characteristic Features

Adjust the resolution

Resolution determines the sharpness of the image. The smaller the resolution, the clearer the image will be and the better quality it will be. GFX Tool will help you increase the resolution a bit so that the image is not too heavy. As a result, your phone will load images faster. Besides, it also adjusts the graphic quality with 7 steps from So Smooth to HDR. At So Smooth, you will certainly never experience jerky or lag when experiencing the game because that’s when the image is most optimized for you.

Increase FPS

FPS – Frames Per Second is a term for the number of frames displayed per second. Easier to understand, it helps you determine how many images your phone can handle in a second to display. The higher the FPS, the more powerful your phone must be to download it. Therefore, GFX Tool allows you to easily adjust the FPS to suit your phone. The minimum parameter is 24 FPS, it is suitable for all current models. But for sure, it will not give you the most perfect game experience.

GFX Tool can adjust FPS up to 240, which is the highest parameter at the moment. It is a huge difference compared to 120FPS. Even with the naked eye, you can hardly see the difference, but in fact, 240 FPS is much smoother. But usually players feel most comfortable at 120FPS. At 240 max, you need a very powerful device.

Optimal image processing

GFX Tool will remove some unnecessary visual effects. As a result, your phone will reduce the amount of images to download. Usually these effects will be present in shooting action games, specifically PUBG. If you can reduce them, you will definitely have a smoother experience.

  • Shadow effect: 3D graphics will often have a drop shadow effect. I feel it is not too necessary to the normal gameplay. If your phone is weak, turn it off.
  • Anti-aliasing: Anti-aliasing is some superfluous detail in the graphics. For example, the angle of a box, it will have undulating jagged shapes. I find it extremely uncomfortable and reduce the smoothness of the image somewhat. Both superfluous and annoying, you can now turn it off with ease.
  • Visual effects: effects such as explosive bombs, character’s skills… all take up a large amount of graphics. Although it increases the user experience, it is inevitable that jerks and lags are inevitable. GFX Tool will optimize it in the best possible way.
  • Color format: You can choose 32bit or 64bit. The higher the level, the sharper, more detailed and colorful the image. Of course, it requires a powerful device.


The GFX Tool application is not linked to any other application. The publisher also does not claim to own the trademark to use the name and logo of any third party applications. In addition, you should not use GFX Tool to increase the graphics of a certain game. Exceeding the publisher’s original graphics will not be good for your phone.

MOD APK version of GFX Tool

MOD features

  • Pro Unlocked

Download GFX Tool MOD APK latest version for Android

GFX Tool brings you a new experience of online gaming. Especially with PUBG, this is the most famous shooting action game series today. I have also tried many similar tools and found this to be one of the best choices. You will no longer be annoyed with slow loading, jerky, lag when playing games with high graphics. GFX Tool should be an indispensable tool in your top apps list. Download now and experience!

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