Audiomack v6.20.4 Mod APK (Platinum Unlocked)

Last updated: 11/12/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:6.20.4
MOD Info:Platinum Unlocked
Genre:Music - Audio
Package:Google Play Link

Download our Audiomack MOD APK version so you can enjoy top notch music online. This application impresses with the speed of new article updates and sharp sound quality. Streaming and free, you’ll be amazed at what it has to offer!

Introduce about Audiomack

Music gives me a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Anything combined with music creates a passionate and dynamic atmosphere. There have been many online music applications that have been released today, most notably Spotify. But today we want to introduce you to Audiomack, an application that is also very popular. Although it has not made as big of an impact as Spotify, it still has some outstanding points. With positive reviews on Google Play, Audiomack confidently gives users the best experience.

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Discover trending songs around the world

Great music player

Audiomack always brings you the latest and fastest songs. The application constantly updates the charts, the top trending… All your favorite songs can be found easily. Whether it is POP, Rap or love songs or any other genre, it is updated every day. Just have a mobile device in hand, you will enjoy the top music of the world. In addition, it also stands out with extremely vivid sound quality. The songs will be optimized to make them much better.

Main feature

Listen to and download music

You can listen online or download your favorite songs to the collection. The system will automatically sort the list according to the time of download. However, you can optionally change the arrangement by alphabet, by genre … Each song has lyrics so you can easily sing along. Audiomack also allows you to download music offline, no need to use an internet connection. This is really convenient if you are in a place with no coverage but can still find and listen to top music.

Advanced search

Audiomack has a smart and convenient search engine. First, you can search for songs by entering its name in the search bar. Similar songs will be suggested to give you more options. You can even search through the lyrics when you don’t know the name of it. Obviously, Audiomack’s search bar has much improved compared to similar applications.

Inside the search bar is a smart filter. There you will find songs by artist, country, genre and release date. This filter will show the results that are most accurate to your request. This is also how Audiomack users search for new songs. From this filter they can find many good songs that have never been heard before.

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Feel free to download and listen to music for free


Audiomack always embraces the user’s music listening habits to recommend related songs. It could be based on mood or listening style. Alternatively, you can create your own unlimited private playlist. From there the system will play music based on the playlist you have created to always prioritize playing the songs you love most.

Audiomack has high sound quality

The tracks, mixes are played with the best quality. The sound is catchy and standard like recording, allowing you to fully enjoy all your favorite music. In addition, the Audiomack interface background image is also very eye-catching, creating a realistic harmony effect.

There are many other great features of Audiomack that we haven’t covered yet. If you use Audiomack for a long time, you will discover a lot of other interesting features that you will not expect.

Follow your favorite singer

This is one of the quite unique features of Audiomack. You can hardly see the same feature in other music streaming apps. Follow the world’s top singer like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Adele… so you can quickly update their new songs. You can also view artist profiles. From personal information to activity history, everything is updated quickly. As a result, you can understand more about your idols through more detailed and complete information than when you find them on online forums.

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Vast music store with millions of the best songs

Listen to music offline

No need for internet data, you can still enjoy a great music collection. Audiomack allows users to download the songs they love. All songs, this application does not restrict any genre. With other similar apps, you need a Vip or Premium subscription to be able to download copyrighted songs. But with Audiomack it is different, as long as you find it, you can download it.

Audiomack’s interface

Compared to other music streaming applications, Audiomack has a similar interface. Still a simple, optimized and intelligent interface. But Audiomack impressed us with the pretty theme. Songs are played with dynamic backgrounds, vivid visual effects to help users get more inspired. You can actively change the playing wallpaper to your liking in the settings.

MOD APK version of Audiomack

MOD feature

  • Platinum Unlocked

Audiomack also has a premium subscription package, Platinum. This subscription allows you to adjust the sound of music tracks, download exclusive songs. In addition, you also get improved sound quality, remove annoying ads. However, you have to pay $ 4.99 per month to own and use it. But with this Audiomack Platinum APK version everything is free. We have completely unlocked all the premium features of the Platinum package. You just need to download and install normally, the rest is just trial and experience.

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Download Audiomack MOD APK at

Reviews from users

This article is our subjective opinion after experiencing Audiomack. Here are the user reviews on Google Play. You can refer to it to see more unbiased opinions about this application.

“Audiomack is great! I have a few suggestions! Fewer ads, no annoying bulk, but less frequent skips would be great! Then the music is varied, there’s a lot of it. lots of good music. I love it, a good app!”

“I was looking for an app that allows to download music offline and I finally found it. It’s a great app, I recommend it. I’ve also seen other apps that allow it. you link Spotify to your account. That would be a really nice feature when I have a lot of songs added to Spotify. But overall, it’s a great app!”

“Super easy to use and look up songs or artists. I also love how you can just type a song title and it pops up a bunch of songs by different artists. Plus, I can look up songs by different artists. save Podcast. All perfect!”

“I have used some similar apps but I bet Audiomark is the best. Very easy to download, you just need a queue of songs you are looking for. Besides, I like the quality. the amount of music it brings. The sound is as catchy and perfect as the original. Download it, you won’t regret it.”

“I love this app!! You can like any song you choose. Add playlists, make them visible or invisible to others. No more, unlimited music! It’s free! Offline! New favorite app!! 5 stars for the app is for sure! Thank you Audiomack!!”

Download Audiomack MOD APK for Android

Music makes our lives more alive and beautiful. Music is also the medicine to boost the working spirit for everyone, making the tired work lighter. Download and install Audiomack Platinum APK to make it comfortable and love life.

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