Days After v11.5.0 Mod APK (Immortality, Max Durability)

Last updated: 02/12/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:11.5.0
MOD Info:Immortality, Max Durability
Requires:Android 5.1+
Package:Google Play Link

Join Days After MOD APK and go on a mission to protect your world from the zombie pandemic! Pick up the gun and shoot, kill them all and complete all the assigned missions.

Introducing Days After: Survival games

Again a familiar zombie genre with fast paced and many attractive survival modes. Days After is a survival action game in the context of a world suffering from the terrible consequences of a zombie pandemic. You will be the pioneer standing up to command everyone to fight and repel the pandemic. With many challenging missions, can you complete them all and help the earth return to its original peace?

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The human world has perished under the attack of the infected. They are attacked by zombies and gradually lose consciousness. They attack everything in front of them with deadly bites. You are one of the survivors in this world. Surviving with hunger, zombies and disease are the biggest challenges you face right now. Live or die in your last days on Earth is up to you to decide. You have no right to make mistakes because everything in this zombie apocalypse world is hungry for blood and brains. Everyone in this world is in a state of survival!

Choose your hero

The drawback of Days After is that it does not have a variety of characters for you to choose from. It has only one male character and one female character with the same outfits. But for survival action genres, the character is not an important factor. Perhaps that is also one of the reasons that the publisher does not invest too much in the character.

During the game progress, you have to upgrade your power continuously. The zombies that will become stronger through evolution. Therefore, if you do not have an upgrade, it will be very difficult to destroy them. Your character will have health and spirit stats and you can equip many items such as armor, guns. But your armor will be hidden so you will always see the character’s appearance instead of the bulky suit.

Gather resources, build shelters

In a ruined city, there is nowhere for you to take shelter. Therefore, you will be taken to a safer place where you can survive. Around there will be the necessary resources for you to collect. Hunt your prey every day to get more food to help you maintain your health stats. Cut trees to make houses, build many other facilities to serve your needs. When you get to a certain level, new facilities will be unlocked and you can completely build them.

Tools and weapons are very important to your survival journey. Therefore, you need to try to learn new crafting skills. The first is a tool to mine and collect resources such as a pickaxe, knife or rope. You will be provided with these tools from the beginning, but you can completely upgrade to a chainsaw and larger knives if you learn crafting skills. After this, you will have to learn how to make armor and weapons to fight zombies.

Non-stop fighting

You will fight continuously for survival in this game. The first is with wild animals, they are both food and a danger because they can attack you. But this is just the simplest challenge of your adventure. The second is bandits around your place. They can rob the resources you collect. They also steal weapons or even destroy all your facilities. Therefore, you must always be alert to all dangers, at all times.

The most important and also your main purpose in this game is to fight zombies. They will come in more and more and it will be difficult to shoot down. That’s why I said that making and upgrading weapons is very important. It makes it easy to kill zombies no matter how many they have. You can explore many different locations of a dying city. At the same time, complete the missions, follow the rules of survival and kill the zombies.

MOD APK version of Days After

MOD features

  • Immortality
  • Max Durability

Donwload Days After MOD APK bản mới nhất cho Android

Download the game now and join other survivors in the post-apocalyptic world! Zombies are invading the earth and the apocalypse is approaching for humans. Your survival adventure in this game will be quite challenging. Fight non-stop and let’s survive together!

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