U Dictionary Translator v6.6.7 Mod APK (VIP Unlocked)

Last updated: 11/12/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:6.6.7
MOD Info:VIP Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Talent Education Inc
Package:Google Play Link

There are many language translation applications available today, but are they all effective? U Dictionary Translator MOD APK is one of them, it has been highly appreciated by users. Will its features make you satisfied?

Introduce about U Dictionary Translator

Thanks to language translation applications, finding international documents is no longer too difficult for anyone. But for jobs that require accuracy in text translation, users are very demanding on them. They want to find a translation application that literally translates images, and especially multi-language. Among the many applications that can do this, we would like to recommend you U Dictionary Translator MOD APK.

U Dictionary Translator is not simply a regular dictionary. This app is also a learning and fun program revolving around 108 different languages. More than 150 million users across 150 countries is enough to prove its popularity. We believe, you will be surprised at the unique features that this application is providing. Remove all language barriers with this amazing app!

Multilingual dictionary

It is not natural that U Dictionary Translator spreads to users in 150+ countries. The main reason here is that it can work with many languages. Specifically, this application can convert around 108 different languages. When translating offline, this number is only 58. So when you want to find any foreign document, it becomes easier with U Dictionary Translatory. It can be said that this application is almost accessible to users around the world. Many countries use a common language, so anyone can work with this application.

Translate the text according to the original meaning

U Dictionary Translator applies super-standard text translation through smart work. Especially English, the most sought-after language in the world. U English translation includes official dictionaries, Collins dictionary, WordNet dictionary, examples, synonyms, antonyms,… Smart sentence and paragraph processing helps it retrieve results Absolutely accurate translation. With difficult languages, it can still accurately translate the meaning of the text. In particular, it also has the ability to translate incredibly fast. Any document no matter how long or short, the results appear in just a few seconds.

Grammar check

Very few similar applications today are capable of detecting grammatical errors. U Dictionary Translator will check and notify you for basic grammatical errors in making sentences. This is also a way for you to learn and improve your foreign language. Now you can write freely without worrying about making mistakes. Just paste the text into the app and it will help you to correct all the mistakes.

Improve pronunciation with U Dictionary Translator

Practice speaking English better when studying with U Dictionary Translator! It provides you with native, British and American accents. Listen to their pronunciation and you can learn by example. Just fill in a piece of text, then click the Microphone icon to listen to the best native voice. From there, you can draw out the mistakes in your pronunciation and correct it in time.

Translate the dialogue

Not only has the ability to translate text, U Dictionary Translator can also listen and translate a dialogue or an audio file. You just need to open the application and let it listen to the dialogue to be translated. Immediately, the system will display an original text along with the translation results for you. With this enhanced feature, you can even improve your hearing.

Take pictures to translate

A piece of text is too long and you don’t want to copy it? Simply, U Dictionary Translator will solve it for you! Open the app and click the camera-shaped icon on the desktop. Then, take a picture of the text you want to translate. The system will scan the image and print the corresponding text. You can choose to translate each paragraph by highlighting them. If not, click the “translate all” button to re-translate the entire scanned text.

Have fun with U Dictionary Translator

This app collects videos, games and quizzes to improve your English. These games are both fun and interesting, but also help you remember vocabulary for a long time. Combining learning and fun, you will never get bored. Overall, U Dictionary Translator offers the best possible features for you to improve your language skills.

MOD APK version of U Dictionary Translator

MOD features

  • VIP Unlocked: all VIP features in the app are unlocked

Download U Dictionary Translator MOD APK latest version for Android

U Dictionary Translator MOD APK meets all your translation needs such as exercise, work or play. It also has a lot of features for you to improve your foreign language. Pronunciation, vocabulary, listening and even grammar, this app is fully adjustable for you. More than just a translation app, U Dictionary Translator is a multi-talented lecturer, a master in the field of linguistics. Language is no longer a barrier!

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