ABA English  v5.15.3 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 24/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:5.15.3
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Publisher:ABA English
Package:Google Play Link

ABA English MOD APK is a popular English learning application. The application provides novel learning methods, specific routes and updated content every day. With ABA English, mastering English has never been so simple.

Introduce about ABA English 

Learning English will be more interesting with ABA English through watching movies and communicating with native speakers. The application allows users to learn while playing and still fully master the skills.

New method of learning English

How are you learning English? Does the method really work? To learn English, each person needs to have interest. Besides, evenly developing all four skills plays a very important role.

With ABA English, you will experience the real feeling of learning English. Each lesson requires users to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing daily. The content is quoted from official, reputable and very quality textbooks. The theme is constantly updated, not boring.

You will begin to practice listening and pronunciation through short video dialogues with subtitles. Then, learn new words, grammar from many different structures, develop reading comprehension skills. The app will help you travel around the UK without spending a dime with a wide range of topics.

Learn English through movies

This app offers thousands of short films and videos, allowing you to learn English every day. These are usually videos with dialogue between two native speakers. With bilingual subtitles, you can practice listening and still understand the content of the conversation. In addition, do not forget to imitate the way the character pronounces and emphasizes to improve speaking skills.

A wide variety of exercises

The warehouse of exercises on ABA English has a variety of different content and is updated daily. Each exercise has all the requirements of listening, speaking, reading and writing for you to practice. After completing the test, learners will be provided with answers and corrected on the spot. The difficulty level is suitable for each person’s level.

The right route for each level

Many unsuccessful English learners are due to misidentification of the level and route. Constantly doing exercises that are too difficult or too easy will cause feelings of boredom. ABA English can solve that problem. The app allows learners to take tests for free. Thereby, your level is determined. This will be the basis for you to search for videos and exercises that match your ability.

The App has lessons and practice for all levels. So, you don’t need to worry because the source of exercises and knowledge is scarce. After the practice period, learners can check their level again for free. This helps you redefine your abilities as well as see your progress clearly.

Certificate from app

After completing a course or level, you will receive a certificate from this app. While not internationally valid, this certificate will make your job easier.

This is also a way to save and optimize the budget for newcomers. The reason is that not everyone has the conditions to study and take international certification exams. Moreover, the 2-year period will be very expensive if you do not apply to study abroad or apply for a Visa. Therefore, if only serving the needs of the job, the ABA English certificate can completely meet.

MOD APK version of ABA English 

ABA English is a versatile English learning application that cannot be missed. On the standard version, users have access to many different features. Do you intend to upgrade your qualifications and learning experience? ABA English MOD APK will be the right choice.

MOD features

Premium Unlocked

With the MOD feature, ABA English allows users to access more exercises and videos. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to learn a lot of new knowledge, increase your English ability. Besides, the application can connect with Facebook accounts, helping learners find friends. Learning English will become so much fun.

Download ABA English MOD APK latest version for Android 

With rich methods and exercises, ABA English is now trusted by many English learners. Practice every day, you will soon become proficient and more confident in your foreign language. English barriers in work and life will not make you afraid. Currently, ABA English MOD APK can be downloaded for free. Try it out and share with us your experience.

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