Epic: Kids’ Books & Reading v3.80.1 Mod APK (Premium Subscription)

Last updated: 12/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:3.80.1
MOD Info:Premium Subscription
Requires:Android 7.0+
Publisher:Epic! Creations Inc
Package:Google Play Link

Epic: Kids’ Books & Reading MOD APK is the leading digital reading app suitable for all ages. The app provides a safe, fun, healthy learning space for kids.

Introducing Epic: Kids’ Books & Reading

Epic: Kids’ Books & Reading is an application to find useful, suitable books for children. We do not spend too much time and still find a suitable reading environment for children. You can access over 40,000 quality children’s books on this platform.

Friendly application interface

User-friendly App Interface Epic: Kids’ Books & Reading’s interface is fun and kid-friendly. The application is designed to be easy to use allowing children to unleash their creativity. Besides, the application is designed so that parents can help their children read books more easily. Parents can quickly choose the right book or content for their child.

The application is equipped with an extremely intelligent self-adjusting feature. Children can read books, watch content for a long time without worrying about health effects. The screen light will be customized by the application so that it is safe and most suitable for the eyes.

Wide choice of books

Tất cả sách có trong ứng dụng này đều được thiết kế thân thiện với trẻ em và dễ đọc. Chúng chủ yếu là sách hình ảnh trực quan hoặc chứa nội dung dễ hiểu để trẻ em tiếp thu. 

Besides, Epic: Kids’ Books & Reading also offers a few books with more complex content. These books are very beneficial for education and help children increase their thinking ability.

In addition, books with pictures are also a great choice to help children develop their imagination. Pictures help children remember longer and create beautiful memories between children and parents. Pictures include colors that help enhance children’s creativity.

Vivid and beautiful video

Many kids usually don’t like to read books but love watching videos. Video is also a great medium to educate children. That’s why Epic: Kids’ Books & Reading also provides funny and lovely videos. Much of the content of the video is educational animation for children.

Fairy tales and fables will be vividly portrayed on animated videos. In addition, parents can connect the device to the TV for a better experience. Content will be projected on a larger screen and with more immersive sound.

Audio Books – Audio books help children improve their listening skills

Audiobooks are a great choice for parents to improve their children’s listening skills. Even children can learn another language by this method. All audiobooks on Epic: Kids’ Books & Reading can be played in different languages.

Parents can search for any book and choose the right language for their children to listen to. Audio books will help parents take care of their children more conveniently. Instead of bedtime stories, parents can now let their children listen to Audio Book. Audio Book will have an inspirational reading voice, helping children absorb information faster.

Provide reasonable methods of educating children

Listening to, reading, and viewing content on Epic: Kids’ Books & Reading is a great way to educate children. However, many parents think that only one method of education should be limited to their children. They want their children to focus only on one activity, like watching a video or reading a book.

Based on the needs of parents, the application will provide a number of suitable educational methods. Thanks to the application, parents will have a more scientific and appropriate way to teach their children. Good education will help children always be more interested and enthusiastic when reading books, watching videos.

Personalize the application according to your needs

If kids want to use the app on their own, parents can customize the app to filter content. The app provides appropriate content for each reading stage of your child and makes recommendations. With many options for personalization and ease of use, parents can teach their children with peace of mind.

Children will be able to explore the world of arbitrary books with healthy content on their own. This feature of the application will only display healthy, appropriate content for children. In addition, the system will continue to improve to provide more entertainment for children.

This is a good app to train children’s reading habits. Children who are exposed to reading books from an early age will form a healthy lifestyle. The content in this application has been adapted for children.

MOD APK version of Epic: Kids’ Books & Reading

MOD features

Premium Subscription

Download Epic: Kids’ Books & Reading MOD APK latest version for Android

Epic: Kids’ Books & Reading is today’s effective children’s educational application with rich content. You can download this application completely for free with the MOD version. With just a few simple steps, you can immediately experience all the features of Epic: Kids’ Books & Reading. Download and experience today!

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