Beelinguapp v2.962 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 09/12/2022 (9 months ago)

Latest Version:2.962
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Publisher:Beelinguapp Languages
Package:Google Play Link

Download Beelinguapp MOD APK so you can master new languages in no time. The application is developed with interesting teaching methods and lectures to keep learners comfortable. Don’t get bored, this app will help you realize a lot of fun when learning foreign languages. Opportunity comes to you, seize it!

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Introduce about Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp is an online language learning app for mobile devices. Not only English, this application also has many other popular language teaching programs. Especially Korean, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese… The most popular languages in the world are prioritized and compiled by Beelinguapp. With a fun and non-boring curriculum, Beelinguapp will quickly improve your language skills.

Language learning is fun

Unlike dense programs in schools and classes, Beelinguapp brings a sense of comfort to learners. This application is extremely interesting for those who want to learn new languages. Just 20-30 minutes a day, you will quickly improve and improve your foreign language level. Beelinguapp applies many games after his detailed lectures. There, users can relax with interesting games while reviewing their knowledge at the same time. Short, detailed lectures to ease boredom for anyone.

Language diversity

It is easy to see that English is the preferred language. Therefore, Beelinguapp also has a lot of quality lectures compiled from top language experts. However, that does not mean that Beelinguapp does not focus on other languages. Nearly 20 different languages around the world are built into this tiny app. It includes the most popular languages in the world such as: Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, .. Choose whichever language you like, Beelinguapp will send you loads of quality lectures. .

Beelinguapp’s teaching method

Main method

Coming to Beelinguapp, you will experience an extremely effective learning method. The app allows you to read and listen to stories in different languages. All include the 4 skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking. Choose the languages you want to learn, read and listen to them every day. Combine with reading the translation below to be able to grasp the meaning of the story and learn vocabulary better. Finally, rewrite the story in the language you are learning so it can be remembered longer.

Learning at your own pace is also a pretty cool feature of Beelinguapp. The application has classified the levels from easy to difficult. Start with the basics, then gradually increase the difficulty to assess your current level. Daily you are also tested on your reaction speed to the language. From there you can see how quickly you get used to your new language.

Learn languages through fairy tales

Another pretty much loved feature is reading famous stories. There are thousands of world famous stories with genres like fairy tales, novels… Learning a new language on your favorite stories will make it even more exciting. Those familiar stories can make you remember vocabulary faster and longer.

Learning through audio books

Learning languages through audio readers is also an interesting option. You can listen even when your phone is sleeping. In addition, Karaoke animations will pop up on the screen so you can know exactly what they’re talking about. Audiobooks can also blend multiple languages together for added variety.


An intuitive, simple and optimized interface is right in front of your eyes. Beelinguapp is really smartly designed for the best user experience. Lectures are clearly categorized for users to quickly find and access. Lectures are combined with familiar and cute images so that users can easily learn and remember them longer than normal word learning.

The audio in the application is 100% spoken by native speakers. You can hear the best pronunciations of each language. Hearing correctly leads to being able to pronounce correctly. Therefore, pronunciation is also extremely important when learning languages. Beelinguapp did a great job in this feature.

Premium version

Using the free version, you will not be able to experience all the features. Some will be limited and you need to subscribe to the Premium plan to be able to use it. With this subscription, you will enjoy special offers and experience exclusive features. In addition, ads are also removed to avoid annoyance during use.

In terms of pricing, you have a lot of options to subscribe to. First, you can buy according to its features. For each feature you want to unlock, you need to spend 1$. However, you can sign up for a monthly subscription for $1.99. You will be able to unlock all features, but not permanently like unlocking each feature. Another option is to permanently unlock them all for $24.99. Which option do you like best, which one is right for you? Think carefully before making a decision.

MOD APK version of Beelinguapp

MOD features

If you don’t want to pay monthly cost to maintain Premium plan, try our MOD version. Beelinguapp Premium APK version, permanently unlocking the Premium subscription. You do not need to spend any money, can also experience all the great features of Beelinguapp. Specifically, the Beelinguapp MOD APK version has the following features:

  • Premium Unlocked
  • The debug code has been removed
  • CPU Architecture: Universal

Review from users

There are many different opinions about this Beelinguapp application. We have selected some of the most representative user reviews on Google Play for you to refer to and get an overview of it.

“I love the idea of this app. Reading with voice as well as live translation to help decode new phrases and vocabulary makes things much more accessible! It’s one of the few apps for for intermediate learners rather than just for beginners.”

“It’s a good selection from what I see. There are a lot of languages, although I haven’t changed between them yet. My main problem is that the story, when the narrator is reading it, scrolls continuously. to the bottom so you can’t see the text being read.”

“I love the concept of this app! I always learn languages best by reading and this is a perfect way to do it while still hearing the language. Audio is especially useful for learning a language. like Russian, where the accent is infrequent and easy to guess.”

“This app is great for language learning and most of all it does a great job of understanding and building better vocabulary in your target language. If you are a beginner or advanced intermediate level, this app will be great for you.”

Download Beelinguapp MOD APK for Android

Access new languages more easily with the online learning app Beelinguapp. This app is getting a lot of positive reviews on Google Play. Most people are satisfied with the learning method and many interesting features that Beelinguapp brings. So what are you waiting for, experience Beelinguapp right away with us. You just need to click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation.

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