Traffic Racer Russian Village v0.932 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 21/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.932
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Sad City, 17
Package:Google Play Link

Traffic Racer Russian Village MOD APK is an extremely attractive driving game combined with racing, released by Sad City, 17. You will be adventure on beautiful cars, go on famous locations. in Russia.

Introducing Traffic Racer Russian Village

Traffic Racer Russian Village game is developed by a Russian studio, so the game’s context takes place entirely in this country. You get to drive Russian cars, adventure on beautiful Russian roads. And especially, you will have an extremely realistic experience thanks to the high-quality 3D graphics that the developer has created.

Attractive gameplay

Traffic Racer Russian Village is developed with racing gameplay, combining driving simulation. That means you will be able to choose one of those modes to experience. If you like the drama, join the racing mode with other opponents. Those are fierce races, for those who are passionate about high speed and are not afraid to collide.

If you like the peace and relaxation, you can choose the simulation driving mode. This mode allows you to choose your favorite car and drive it on beautiful roads. You will feel like walking, sightseeing like a trip in Russia. This mode will help you practice driving skills, support for racing mode. Since the racing mode requires your driving skills more, it is necessary to handle the situation with agility and experience.

Diverse vehicle system

Of course, Traffic Racer Russian Village game offers an extremely diverse system of cars for you to choose from. But at the start, you like the other players only have a single car. It was an old VAZ-2107, not too powerful and not very fast. With this car, use it to complete the assigned task, pass the first tests. After completing the missions, you will get the bonus. And after many accumulations, you can use that money to upgrade or buy a new car that you like.

This game is inspired by many different car manufacturers. Including Russian car companies and other famous car manufacturers. Prominent among them are brands like VAZ, UAZ, Ford, Mercedes, Chevrolet,… Each car has its own appearance, and you can customize the color. Moreover, the developer also added many new vehicles in the upcoming updates.

Large map of many locations

Coming to the game, you can experience driving or racing in many different locations. It can be the roads in the village, in the city and even the coastal roads. Each road has beautiful scenery. In particular, those scenes are built based on real neighborhoods and villages in Russia. So you can consider gaming as a trip in the beautiful country of Russia.

Detailed graphics, vivid sound

Traffic Racer Russian Village can create great attraction to players thanks to its graphics. The game is equipped with the best quality 3D graphics available today on mobile. From designing images, creating scenes to designing colors,… everything is unbelievably perfect. You will feel the authenticity of the game through the smallest details.

Add to that the live sound, to make your racing experience to the fullest. It is the bar of the environment, the sound of the car’s engine, the sound of the brakes, the friction, …

Thanks to quality graphics and sound, players will have an extremely impressive experience. In addition to the time factor, real weather gives you a more diverse experience. You can drive during the day or at night, at sunset, at dawn, when it’s sunny or rainy… You will get the feeling like you’re driving a car directly, traveling on peaceful places. in Russia.

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Unlimited Money

Download Traffic Racer Russian Village MOD APK latest version for Android

In general, Traffic Racer Russian Village is highly appreciated by players for both gameplay and graphics, as well as sound. Coming to the game, you will experience many different game modes with extremely realistic and vivid feeling. Right now, you can download Traffic Racer Russian Village MOD APK to start your journey to explore Russia on your favorite cars.

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