Drag Battle 2 v0.99.69 Mod APK (Free Rewards)

Last updated: 11/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.99.69
MOD Info:Free Rewards
Publisher:Ice Storm
Package:Google Play Link

Drag Battle 2 allows you to decide the look of your supercar. Join every race around the world and add to your collection. Realistic graphics, beautiful scenes will give you the best experience of the ultimate racing game. Download our MOD APK version for easier experience.

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Introduce game Drag Battle 2

Drag Battle 2 is the first choice of players who love racing sports. This is a game released by Ice Storm and immediately received attention. You can see an epic collection of supercars in the game’s Garage. Choose a car you love and participate in dramatic races. A lot of players around the world are ready to challenge you in many world maps.

Unlock car

You will be surprised when you look at the collection of vehicles in the game Drag Battle 2. Loads of epic supercars with many eye-catching designs. The designs are inspired by real-life supercars. You can choose for yourself the luxurious yellow SUPRA with super smooth engine. Or the stylish red TYPE-R is also a perfect choice. There are many very eye-catching models with many different colors. Freely choose cars for your journey in many dramatic matches.

Regarding the car engine, it will depend on the price of each vehicle. Expensive cars always have strong engines, great acceleration for you to quickly reach maximum speed. In addition, you can upgrade more accessories for your car. If you feel like a talented mechanic, you can completely customize everything on the car. From tire pressure and suspension height, to the amount of NO2 injection, the transmission and transmission. Engine is extremely important because it gives you many advantages in each race. Therefore, do not focus too much on unlocking the car, but spend it on upgrading. If you are a car collector, you can play it your way.

Dramatic races

Join the game Drag Battle 2, you will compete with many other people in the world. Put your name in the history of the best drivers in the world. With a variety of tracks, you need to equip professional driving skills to be able to overcome all challenges. This game has a lot of different tournaments with interesting gameplay mechanics. You can try to experience each mode to avoid getting bored. Every race has difficult challenges, requiring a lot of skill from the player.

In a race, the number of players is unlimited. You will never know how many opponents you will face. Therefore, you just need to focus on doing your best in each race. Drift, avoid obstacles and overcome many other players, do everything well, you will easily finish. Many attractive rewards are waiting for you ahead, you will have a lot of money to buy your favorite cars.


Racing games often have the same console. Structure includes 4 buttons to navigate, throttle, brake, accelerate when full of nitro… Easy controls help you quickly control speed and navigation. If you are just starting out, the system will have specific instructions for you. The realistic control interface makes you feel like driving a real supercar.

Graphics, sound

Drag Battle 2’s top-notch 3D graphics give you epic and beautiful racing scenes. Images with high detail create perfect realism. Especially, we love the car design in this game. They are inspired by real-life supercars, so they have a very cool and attractive appearance. You will surely enjoy looking at the car collection in the game’s Garage.

In terms of sound, the engine sound is what creates the most attraction. The sound is recorded from the engine sound of the supercar and integrated into the game. Those vibrant sounds combine with the top-notch background music, creating a racing game that thousands of people love.

MOD APK version of Drag Battle 2

MOD features

  • Free Rewards: You can get free rewards without watching ads.

Download Drag Battle 2 MOD APK for Android

We are confident that Drag Battle 2 is the best racing game you will ever experience. Amazing realistic graphics and new experiences are waiting for you in this game. This is also the place where you realize your dream of owning expensive and luxurious supercars. Drive them and participate in online races to show off your skills against many other players around the world. Below is the MOD APK file, you can download and start your journey right now!

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