Hot Engines v2.0.8 Mod APK (Unlimited Coins/Fame/Gems)

Last updated: 13/12/2021 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.0.8
MOD Info:Unlimited Coins/Fame/Gems
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Hot Engines MOD APK will bring you the most dramatic 1vs1 races ever. Buy your favorite car, improve it and challenge the top racers in the world. Join the game and prove, who is the speed king of 2021!

Introduce game Hot Engines

Hot Engines is a traditional racing game, but it improves on some content. In particular, the highlight is the 1vs1 game mode throughout the journey. You will always have to fight on the streets, tunnels… This game also has many viewing angles so you can see the most beautiful scenes. Along with that is a spectacular and beautiful collection of cars that will surprise any car enthusiast.

Hot Engines APK 1920x1080
Many beautiful and luxurious supercar models

Main story

The incident happened when you borrowed the car of the club leader and caused an accident. The car was destroyed, and you were taken to the police station. It’s hard to undo this mistake now, even if you’re dating his daughter. You are running away, running far away from this city. The police and the former owner are looking for you, the real escape begins. You drive all night and panic when there are constant lights coming from behind. Suddenly the car turns off, and you have to jog the next distance.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere, you have no choice but to walk. After a long walk, several headlights approach you, behind them is a beautiful woman. Perhaps luck is finally on your side, when the person who appears is the leader’s daughter – who you are dating. Will she help you escape or will she bring you back as the leader says?

Attractive gameplay

Hot Engines is not a game with multiplayer races like Drag Battle 2. You’re here to run away from people trying to catch you. That’s why you always play 1vs during the game. It is this unique point that makes Hot Engines more attractive. Each story unfolds as one time you have to run away. Therefore, you need to focus to always win!

Winning each race will increase your level and street credits. As a result, you have access to countless new car models. In addition, you also get a lot of money, use it to upgrade and improve the car. And that’s still not all you can get from winning. The street is where beautiful, charming girls give their best. You can date them to create the most beautiful and romantic love stories.

Hot Engines MOD APK 1920x1080
Win every 1vs1 race to get rewards

Upgrade Car

Hot Engines has a total of more than 40 beautiful cars and diverse genres. Each way, you will unlock a fixed vehicle according to the story. Therefore, the further you go to the end of the story, the more expensive and beautiful cars you own. This game focuses on developing a lot about cars, so you can see the variety of it. The most modern car models in reality are the inspiration for the publisher to include it in the game. They are then improved to add a unique look.

You can upgrade your car through the feature in the garage. Replace the engine, install some acceleration aids, you will feel the difference clearly. Reach top speed in seconds, or even outmaneuver your opponent with a single gas pedal. Do not forget to change the sturdy armor to increase the endurance of the vehicle. 1vs1 races are always full of unexpected obstacles, damaging your car. Therefore, the more impact you can withstand, the more chances you have to win.

Decorate your car in your own style

Make a point to attract street girls through your stylish car. Paint eye-catching colors and combine them into a unique look. You can also draw strange shapes on it to make it more prominent. Add some decorative accessories around, both useful for the car, and can make it more beautiful. Bring your life style into the game, present yourself as a fierce car enthusiast.

Hot Engines MOD 1920x1080
Talk and date beautiful street girls

Smooth, easy controls

Hot Engines applies the driving parts of a real-life supercar. Therefore, players can feel like they are actually driving them. The 360 navigator allows you to move smoothly through the turns, bends … There are also buttons to press the gas, brake and in the middle and the control panel shows parameters about speed, temperature… In particular, you can store energy to release Nitro. This is an activated feature that helps your car exceed the speed limit of the vehicle.

The second is about the perspective, in this game you will be free to change the perspective when driving. However, the view from inside the car will give you the most realistic feeling. That is also the perspective that many Hot Engines players choose. Together with the controller, you will surely enjoy as if you are actually driving a long-awaited supercar.

Great graphics

Regarding the racing genre, almost every game has extremely quality graphics. Hot Engines too, it won’t let you down. 3D graphics are built from modern technology, giving you extremely eye-catching scenes. We are extremely impressed with the car designs that the publisher has built. Luxurious, trendy with perfectly coordinated colors, honoring every small detail of the car. Magnificent street scene, increasing the inspiration for talented racers.

Car sounds are recorded from real-life car models. You can hear somewhere the sounds from a Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW… The engine sound is smooth, catchy and highly relaxing. Finally, the high-pitched background music plays during thrilling races, making players unable to take their eyes off the screen.

MOD APK version of Hot Engines

MOD features

Unlimited Coins/Fame/Gems: You can choose the amount you want, regardless of the currency. But you can only choose once. Therefore, you should choose a lot of money to spend comfortably, not afraid of it all.

Download Hot Engines MOD APK for Android

Hot Engines is the perfect convergence of today’s most modern racing games. It has engaging gameplay with 1vs1 mode throughout the game. Not just races to win prizes, but Hot Engines takes you to dramatic escapes many times over. The beautiful vivid 3D graphics and captivating sound of the game make you unable to refuse. If you are a fan of supercars, then you cannot ignore this game!

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